Most Realistic Custom Livery?



Holy crap… That livery really tricked me. I stared at that cigar for like a good minute.


Is that a Yak-40?

I actually thought that that cigar had protruded out of the fuselage XD


I think so, hang on…

Same… 😂😂😂

lol looks so realistic as the cigar is coming out

I really dislike the livery, I mean the cigarette…anyway, but at least it doesn’t have a naked lady, that’s more offensive.

hahaha yeah so true

The post doesn’t say

Please, cancer is nothing to joke about, no matter what.

Does that plane even have the no smoking sign! XD…

i dont think so

I think maybe it’s this plane…it’s more similar to me

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i think this is the plane

That’s it, I knew there was a smaller looking one haha

Haha this even getting more funny… I never noticed those bullet holes!anyway which kid wants to fly at FL350 on plane with “holes”

Before you even get there, your plane would have already suffered explosive depressurization 😂

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Yep thats it

Those teeth are very clean. I wish to have those teeth :p

I can’t stop laughing lel