Most rage inducing moment of disregard for ATC orders

This is to certified IFATC on the expert server. I know a lot of you probably have some stories to tell of people causing a major disruption to the flow of traffic on a busy day, because of disregard for procedure and orders. I also know it is probably quite rage inducing. I would love to hear some of your stories. Please feel free to post them below.

I have one in mind, but I feel like this would be calling out the member who committed this mistake, which is why I will not say what it was. I think that these types of things should remain between the pilot, controller, and any mod/staff involved.


We don’t call out pilots in public.


Yeah that part kind of slipped over my head about calling out members. I was just curious about what you guys go through, probably gets pretty stressful. I flew into Singapore on early Tuesday morning (5:00 AM local time), and I flew out to KEWR from Singapore at about 4:00 PM (local time) Both times were a bunch of people going in between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The controllers still did a great job making room for me both times.

No pilots in particular but I am often shouting “will you get on with it”. When I clear someone for takeoff and there is plenty of time but you have a plane 4nm away on final. No problem but what do they do? They line up and just sit there for what seems like an eternity. I really don’t know what on earth they’re doing? Putting on their lipstick? Drives me insane. That gets my rage!


we prefer to point pilots to the tutorials and educational topics in an effort to improve skills. Additionally, we reach out directly to pilots to discuss situations and ask that pilots do the same. It’s much more productive and benefits the community as a whole.

Pilots always seem to call out IFATC… perhaps you should give it a shot, I’m sure you have a much longer list than anyone here 😉😉

@Doug_Hamilton and @Tim_B cause me the most raaaggggggge… 👨🏼‍💻