Most Prized Model Aircraft

Similar to Model Aircraft Collections, I know. However I want to create a take on it, which is the title of this post.

What are your most prized model aircraft? Give a backstory, why it’s your most prized, and what’s so special about it; it could be one, two, or more aircraft. Apologies if this is too similar to Misha’s topic, but I hope this can spark up some good debate and conversation!

These are my most prized aircraft. A WestJet 737-800, Delta 737-800, Air France 80th anniversary A320-200, and the beautiful Lufthansa Fanhansa 747-400. These are my most prized aircraft because they all have beautiful liveries, costed the most, and have been the least breakable of all my models. I’d love to see your thoughts on them, but I am absolutely in love these 4 planes.

(Don’t mind the dust.)

p.s. I couldn’t get the 80th anniversary logo on the Air France in view since the 737 was blocking it, sorry!

I’m kind of thinking this could still go into Misha’s topic,

If otherwise, my most prized model would probably be the 20 or so Daron Aircraft in my storage containers right now, one of my family members first got them for me in Helsinki, Finland quite a while ago (8-9 years) before I have never seen them since, I guess I have a deeper meaning into my models lol

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