Most Popular C172 Liveries

We can all agree the recent rework of the C172 is nothing short of amazing. The new live cockpit has really taken this iconic aircraft to the next level. As with the TBM 930 and XCub, some liveries emerged as more popular than others after release. Which C172 livery is your favorite?

  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Default
  • Embry Riddle
  • F-HATZ
  • N1322K
  • N456DX
  • Near North Aviation
  • Yellow Blue

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Personally I love the steam gauge version more so I love the civil air patrol livery!


Agreed. I love the TBM for longish flights but the C172 with steam cockpit is unbeatable for me as I train in a PA-28 and a steam gauge C152!

But tbh I like F-HATZ the most for the livery, and the glass cockpit is still pretty cool 😉


Although trends can be seen, more votes would definitely help confirm the poll results. Let the community know which C172 is your favorite, and leave a comment below.

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