Most Players on a Server

What was the most amount of players you have seen on one server? On Playground, during the a320 family update release, I’ve seen 110 players in SoCal


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Yep, just like when the A320 Family was released.

There were about 120 in socal about an hour or two ago

Yeah and again, guess who was there to control that lol

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That’s insane man, my phone lags too much for me to be efficient and maintain a good flow

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I didn’t have my iPad to control with (which is what I was using in Knuc when I was controlling you) so I was stuck with my phone. Thank god I have a 6s Plus because it didn’t lag at all and I can’t imagine controlling on a 5s or a 6/6s.

I’m on a Galaxy S4, not the most ideal setup, but it’ll have to do for now. I’ll get the S7, which was announced today, in a couple of months.

Oh that’s good. I prefer to control on a tablet though becuase, I can see more (my airspace) and the buttons are bigger so it’s easier to click.

Ps. When you reply to me click reply to my comment. That why it gives me a notification that you replies to me.

I have a 5S and i never lag.

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Do you have all settings to max?

Gotcha, I always forget to. I think the new update week make ATC easier to use and communicate with.

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It’s not on very high

What update?

The one Matt has been teasing on Instagram. I hope it includes ATC

First time i’ve checked and it seems that i cant make some very high

Only Airplane Quality can be very high

Yeah I’m talking about the ones you can. Anyway it depends, if your in a packed airport with everything maxed out, expect lag but, like I said it depends.

Also the airplane count on live