Most Planes Nametag Is Unknown

Hello everyone. So right now I am flying CYVR-KLAX on expert server, and I have an ETE of 25 mins. So all of the planes are unknown except for 3 of them, and I tuned into LAX center and requested flight following to LAX and ATC didn’t respond, and I know they would respond if it’s active. And also the weather, global server, API Service, and live server all have green checkmarks. How do I fix this? Thank you.

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This might be a connection issue Something similar happened on expert to me once, the only thing i could tell you check your connection and restart your game when you get a chance hope this helps.

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The only thing is that my wifi is stable so idk why it’s doing this, first time it’s ever happened to me. Also can’t communicate with ATC.

or might be that they dont have their name tag on in settings for a whole host of reasons

Are you on expert or no?

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Yes I’m on expert

But theres also no callsign, everyone has callsigns

I just disconnected and reconnected to my internet, everything is fixed. Thanks for the help guys

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Glad you got it fixed!

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Wait it is doing it again idk why :(

And I also cannot communicate with ATC.

Is it still going on? Sorry I saw it late. Try what you did the first time if that doesn’t work I recommend restarting IF entirely

I resolved it and thanks for the help I got into LAX safely and also communicated with ATC finally

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Your welcome glad I could help!

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