Most of my replay file were gone after 24.2 update

I just updated my IF to 24.2 in the last minute, but when I finished the update, it seems that the system automatically turned the auto delete feature on without my permission. Now I lost all of my replay files from the ones I saved since Dec 2022 and only a few of them are lefted. I did not enable the feature, is there any method that I can still get the replay of those flights back? I’ve been flying those flights for making a mega video for more than a year already. Now it seems like I’ll have to start everything from the beginning again.


Also a little add on, there’s also a bunch of flights that are not even replays are lost, they were completely dissapeared from my logbook.

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Update: All flights returned to the logbook after I restarted the device but the replay files are still gone. It reminds me something after I restarted, the first time I opened IF after the update the app crashed, does this cause the auto-delete feature on? I didn’t get a chance to choose whether to enable this feature at all.

Also suffering from this issue. Only some replays were saved. On iOS.

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Did the app ask you if you want to enable the auto-delete feature at all?

no, just auto deleted.

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It’s automatic I believe

Why would the app automatically switch on auto delete replays? my app still indicates 20GB size meaning the files are still stored somewhere…


It was enabled when I opened the app for the first time, so…

Yeah, I had the same issue. It was already turned on.

I have the exact same issue, mine is 24gb with only 10 recent replays available. Im trying to figure out if the corrupted replays are going to get auto deleted

They better have a solution for this, I don’t want to fly those flights again for another year 😂

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Mine auto deleted as well without me turning anything on I lost all but the last four

Not sure, the new update did introduce replay auto-delete tho.

But it also says for existing users the auto delete feature will not be automatically turned on for us to manage our replays, but what it turns out is that it was turned on automatically without asking us which give us no chance to save our replays at all.


The devs are aware of the issue.
It’s being worked on.
Hopefully more information will be available soon.

So the files that we lost are still in the database right?

Replay file are stored locally.
When they have been deleted, they can’t be recovered unfotrunately.

I believe it is still stored somewhere in my device, on my device it still shows it is taking 14G of space which is the amount of the space it should take with all the replays. But however, we just don’t know how to access to it now.

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