Most memorable 5 flights of 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, I’d like to share some of the most memorable flights I’ve done this year, they could all be for a different reason. All flights have existing posts about them.

NOTAMS: All are on expert server and routes are provided, photos may be edited and some may be not.

5. ) West Palm Beach ( PBI ) → Atlanta ( ATL ) Delta Airlines, Airbus A321

At number 5 we have a flight from West Palm Beach 🏝️⛳️ to Atlanta with ATL’s biggest airline Delta airlines on their Airbus A321, it was only about 1 hour and 10 - 20 minutes or so, what makes this memorable and worth mentioning is that it was my 1st expert server flight and the support I got on that topic is insane but it was short and basic hence why its only #5.

4. ) Miami ( MIA ) → Montevideo ( MVD ) American Airlines, Boeing 787-8

At number 4 is the only non first flight of the top 5, is a flight from Miami to Montevideo, Uruguay 🇺🇾 on the American Airlines 🏝️😎 B788, this kinda was a first flight as it was my 1st long haul with any 787 family member but it wasn’t really worth saying that, this is also the ONLY connection between the US and Uruguay which makes this flight even more special!

3. ) New York ( JFK ) → Los Angeles ( LAX ) American Airlines, Airbus A321

At the time it was my longest live flight being surpassed by number 2 and then eventually number 1, winning the bronze trophy is my first US transcontinental flight and the busiest US air route which is New York City 🗽🍎 to sunny Los Angeles 🌴📸, Many may remember this flight from my flagship first A321T trip report definitely one of my favorites and this is a must do route especially for people who frequently fly AA like myself!

2. ) Miami ( MIA ) → Buenos Aires ( EZE ) American Airlines, Boeing 777-300ER

Kicking JFK → LAX out of the throne for my longest live flight, This flight from Miami 🏝️😎 to Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 was my first live long haul flight, I was always scared about doing these mainly since at the time, my device got pretty hot playing IF, even after a short hour hop. But I took advice about people who did these a lot about preventing overheating and gave it a try, and sure enough it went smoothly and my device wasn’t even too hot even after 8 hours and 16 minutes of flying but what could number 1 be? Lets find out!

1. ) Buenos Aires ( EZE ) → Rome ( FCO ) ITA Airways, Airbus A350-900

My #1 favorite flight I have ever done in 2023 is Buenos Aires to Rome, Italy 🇮🇹 Why this route? well soon after I did my MIA → EZE flight @ElectricGalaxyYT posted his time lapse on this route since the ITA A350 was a new livery at the time. I saw the video and even commented about seeming interested on the route but I didn’t do it till a month later since I was still new to long haul flying. after a few 8-9 hour flights, it was time to do it and I did and just like MIA → EZE, it came out PERFECTLY! except for a steep descent near FCO.

and that would be my top 5 most memorable flights of the year thank you all for the support on these flights even if you were here since my first expert server flight or as recent as the MIA → MVD flight, I appreciate all the positive feedback on my topics and my goal for 2024 is to make my pictures much more breathtaking and getting better at making edits, Happy New Year and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋