Most isolated commercial flight route

I was thinking after flying on a flight from Auckland to Buenos Aires and looked at the route and realised that we were flying it seemed as far from civilization as you can get. I wonder where we would land with engine failure


That’s the best route if you are anti-social :P

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Another New Zealander!


Um, AKL, or EZE. You plane can fly with one engine out, if all the engines are out, then you’re going in the ocean.


Or gliding as far as possible.


I know right😂😁

Yes, and then going in the ocean. These isolated flights rely on the reliability of those engines.

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Sydney to Los Angeles? Literally coast to coast.

There are many islands with runways on route that you fly by

New Zealand is quite a detour, and yes you do fly near Hawaii.

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When i was on the flight it was so weird to think i was flying over water/land with no one below us and no one nearby apart from the people on the flight.

I’m from Auckland where you from


I’m sure there’ll be airports before EZE.

Sure, but not close enough when you’re halfway across.

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Qantas Flight 27 (SYD - SCL)

Qantas Flight 63 (SYD - JNB)

are also very isolated flights


I was legit thinking the same thing…

Well I guess great minds think alike xP

I guess if it’s a two-engine plane it wouldn’t get it’s ETOPS then…

To be honest your kinda screwed

I mean with SYD - JNB there are plenty of nearby airports in asia and the smaller islands nearby, but it just greater distance to divert to those airports…

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