Most Influential IF Creators 2019

First off, I’d just like to say, a very Happy New Year and a Happy New Decade 😉🎉🎊🎖

But, I would now like to inform the IFC, and Congraultualte the following people. These people are the Most Influential IF Creators, for 2019
(In no particular order)

  1. @photographyinfiniteflight
  2. @infinite_flight_gallery
  3. @infiniteflight.australia
  4. @IFGA (Infinite Flight Global Aviators)(VO)

Congratulations to all the winners, and Voting for the next Influential IF Creators will start next year. Thank you all, and a very happy new year!

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How did you do the voting?

Through a poll 😉

Don’t worry, the voters knew them

I just have a question…

How did you come up with these creators as the winners?

Where and when was the voting?

These creators are some of the biggest in the Infinite Flight community, but, that doesn’t always mean they’re the most influencial. Smaller creators tend to have more of a sway in communities like this, as they’re the ones that experiment more, and be “more out there”. The larger ones tend to just be more prevalent and seen, because of their larger following and featuring on Infinite Flight’s social media.

…and where’s @anon53974372? He (or she) was one and still is one of the bigger creators on social media, gaining and influencing heaps of people in his (or her) time on social media.

I have nothing against anyone mentioned in the list, I think all of them are amazing, hard working individuals… I also have nothing against the OP, I just believe that this could have been more organised and been dealt with better…

But, that’s just my two cents… and if you don’t mind me asking;


Best Regards,


Hi Adam. The voting took place irl between a couple of people in the IFC. You wouldn’t know them.

While I do agree with what you said about smaller accounts, but larger accounts tend to encourage smaller accounts to keep growing until they get the the same ‘stage’ as them. As you know number 1 and 2 launch weekly best shots, which encourage people to try their hardest, and they feel proud, and it heightens their self esteem quite alot if they win. Hope this solves all the questions you had

My questions have been resolved, thank you for clearing that up.

Shouldn’t the community as a whole have a say on this - not just a few individuals?

The community as a whole would have had many ideas on who was the most influencial… Not just a small group of people who decide on behalf of the whole community. Was this done on statistics, or just by following?

Again, thanks for clearing up my questions.



This isn’t representative and is in no way official 🙂