Most ground traffic you have experienced on IF

This is to post pictures of the most ground you have experienced while on Infinite Flight. Here is mine:

That was during the Southwest event at KSFO

Thought this would be fun :)


The most I have ever seen was at the Denver mega VA Event a few months ago, hosted by Frontier.

@SkyHighGuys might have a picture.


KNUc is always the worst.

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One more comment. Not ground traffic, but this qualifies as insane in my opinion. For those of you who are wondering, this was back in March on the Expert Server. There were around 40 inbounds or so, and the approach controller I was working with went offline, leaving me at the mercy of these pilots:


That’s crazy! That’s something you see on TS1 not the expert server!


The issue was the pilots were being vectored by approach controller in a lengthy line that went directly over the airfield. However, when he went offline, all of the pilots flipped to my frequency and proceeded to fly a direct approach towards the airport, leaving it impossible for me to sequence, let alone tap fast enough and respond to everybody.

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I remember that event, it was awesome seeing all other VAs taking part of it.


Well I do remember that mega event drew probably 60-80 pilots at one point in time. It got so bad that my whole device was lagging because of all the aircraft, even at low graphics.
But at KDEN we had Terminal A fully packed with aircraft and Terminal B half packed. Terminal C wa smaybe ten pilots at most.



This is by far the most I have ever seen one airport handle other than the Olympics kickoff.
#FVA #MostGroundTraffic #LargestEvents


Hopefully my upcoming event is a success and “fills up” the airport.😉

How many ghostings occured there? 👻👻👻

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None actually, I think the app controller had most of them. I wasn’t going to ghost because it technically wasn’t the pilots fault (well… that’s a stretch). My fingers couldn’t physically sequence planes quick enough.

In the end, I just ended the sesssion. Wasn’t worth being active in that scenario.



From what I remember, IFFG’s 3rd year anniversary was one of the busiest times at KSAN, if not THE busiest.

Let’s see if we could make an infinite flight record for most aircraft on the ground!


60-80 pilots! My device can barely handle under 10

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My kindle fire can’t even handle 10. That’s why in 1 week I’m buying a 128 GB iPad mini 4 just to fly without lag.

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Exactly my plan as well

One time I spawned at KLAX TS1 and saw over 170 flights over at this region and KLAX is like crazy, I can’t even taxi in and out of the airport 😦

That is one massive traffic numbers ive ever seen on if. wished i was there. XD