Most exotic route you have flown

Well I take an XCUB to a remote strip, and fly close to the mountains and bushes, and take in the scenery

👆🏼Sarcasm for everyone who doesn’t get it

VFR around mountains and visiting grass strips for the scenery

What bushes do you see 😦

It’s hard to convey sarcasm in text, usually I put (sarcasm) at the end of the sentence so everyone knows

There are no bushes in IF, so mostly just green lol

Yes but I’m Irish take what I say with a handful of salt

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So you can’t bush fly on IF

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Ok thank you enough talk about bushes 😨 this is an aviation related topic not your average biology class

Bush flying dosent require bushes, it just requires some mountains and a remote strip

PAJN → PAFA: A-10 (Arctic Scheme)

According to y’alls definition of “exotic”, which is:

  • Almost nobody flies there
  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Not the United States

The only thing that wouldn’t make Alaska “exotic” is that it’s in the United States.

You can. As Stellar explained. 🙂


It’s just a colloquial term. Bush flying really has nothing to do with bushes, anyway PM as this is getting off-topic

Well I mean the region is quite well known though 🤔 more people fly there (Alaska) than on most other parts of the world but again this is a question for another thread to discuss on

I heard the scenery around Fairbanks is great.

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If there only were SRTM data available above 60°n…

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It is, but it’s fLaT because it’s above 60°N


Flat earthers breathe success


Ah I see, shame, could of been good scenery

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But Anchorage and Juneau are goated

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