Most exotic route you have flown

That sounds like a great idea. This can go both ways, if someone enjoys American routes, that’s fine; if not, that’s fine too. At the end of the day, we all just need to be respectful to each other

Definition of EXOTIC

  • Livery used
  • amount of people flying the route / in the region
  • Level of awareness (of the region / route)

It does, as a South American myself I can approve. But, the Andes has Santiago, and the traffic that follows it, the Pampas has Ezieza, and its international traffic very close, the Lima plateaus has traffic from Lima, etc.

South America Is great yes, has wonderful routes, but I think its flooded with international traffic. Thoes are my opinions, and you have yours

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Personally, I enjoy island hopping routes. Like in Hawaii, the Caribbean, etc. these are wonderful opportunities to fly a GA aircraft and really enjoy the scenery.


KSFO - PHLI or PHKO are always gorgeous flights, those Hawaiian mountains are never a let down

In fact Aeroparque Jorge Newbery has a lot more to offer starting off with it being a smaller airport and therefore being less known. Also I think it has quite a few domestic routes to hidden gems like El Calafate, San Martín de los Andes or Río Hondo


Island hopping in the carribean is my favorite some amazing short runway fields there and is always cool to try in the TBM!


I certainly agree with you, I live about 5km west of Aeroparque, it is a beautiful airport, and definitely needs regegintion.


Well tbh I don’t have the time to do GA flying as that requires 24/7 attention in front of your device and GA in general is at pretty bad standard in IF but that’s another story.
I mostly do short-medium hauls so that I can do stuff in between.

Absolutely yes because I’m actually flying Ushuaia - El Calafate - Buenos Aires right now and the reason it’s considered more ‘exotic’ for me is not only because of the absolute god tier scenery but because I see zero other planes on my map whereas you see hundreds of other people in the US.
Also I don’t really fly in Europe much even though I’m from there. These days I fly the most in East Asia, the Middle East then in Africa and South America after. And you can still find extremely nice exotic routes even while cruising at 30,000ft.

And yes both of yous are right, I do enjoy the scenery in states like Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and all, it’s nice. But they’re still popular places with lots of people flying there and in general, again I do enjoy flying in America occasionally but just once every couple of weeks. Other than that I stick to east Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.
Hope this clears things up a bit


I might be biased my self, but the scenery in Patagonia and Ushuaia is great (I’ve even been there irl).

Another route that i would recommend is SAEZ → LIRF

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I mean if you got something to recommend… so do I :PPP

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Both amazing scenary places! Did that flight a few months back!

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  • Tunis → Ouhagadougou: Tunisair A319-112ER
  • Tunis → Accra (Charter flight): Ghana International B752
  • Tripoli Mitiga → Tunis: Lybian Airlines A320-214
  • Verona → Ljubljana (maintenance flight): Croatia A319-112
  • Olso → Saint-Petersburg: SAS A320-232
  • Jakarta → Medan: Indonesia AirAsia (Generic) A320-216
  • Belgrade → Tunis: Tunisair A319-112ER

I did some Bush Flying in western Idaho and a flight to Aspen, I also did a historic route in a C172 to Billings, Montana a couple of weeks ago, I would definitely recommend checking out the scenery there, it is amazing

How does one fly ina bush


I guess you just do it LMAO

no jk called Grass strip and XCubby flying

I meant “Bush Flying” by flying close to undergrowth (Bushes) in the Mountain-slopes. It is a pretty common thing to do in the US

Bush flying is just vfr flying around small grass stores, usually in mountainous regions

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kinda hard to do in IF without the actual ‘bush’ lel


So how does one “bush fly” on IF