Most exotic route you have flown

So happy you enjoyed it as that is exactly our aim!!


Jackson hole → Aspen
Mountains the whole way and interesting departure/arrival procedures

Alaska airlines’ milk run


So many small airports with tight turns and beautiful scenery


Alaska Airlines Milk Run was probably the best for me

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Ive flown the milk run both ways and the scenery is surprisingly underwhelming…

Gatwick to Amsterdam is my favourite amazing scenery both sides of the route and it’s always great for me when I have no time. And also amazing approaches each way 🤤

Just realised I haven’t actually answered this, properly anyway. I couldn’t just put it down to one route so I’m gonna do it by region:

Europe: Paphos 🇨🇾 - Yerevan 🇦🇲 ~ Ryanair 737-800

Africa: Nelspruit 🇿🇦 - Vilankulo 🇲🇿 ~ Airlink (Generic) E190

Middle East: Sana’a 🇾🇪 - Mukalla 🇾🇪 - Socotra 🇾🇪 - Dubai 🇦🇪 ~ Yemenia (generic) A320 [Multileg Route]

Central Asia: Yekaterinburg 🇷🇺 - Dushanbe 🇹🇯 ~ Ural (generic) A320

Far East: Ürümqi 🇨🇳 - Kashgar 🇨🇳 ~ China Southern (Generic) 737-800

South America: El Calafate 🇦🇷 - Ushuaia 🇦🇷 ~ Aerolineas Argentinas 737-800

North America: Anchorage 🇺🇸 - Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky 🇷🇺 ~ Yakutia (generic) 737-700

Quite a long list, I know. But i really couldn’t narrow it down lmao


That’s his opinion. You can’t just “judge a book by the cover.” I don’t mean to be rude but please stop judging people just because they like that route

I agree wholeheartedly MJP

Ok cool I just said my opinion so what’s your deal here? If you have nothing to bring to the table then I wouldn’t mind you leaving my topic!

Dunno what you mean by exotic but I once did sydney to Honolulu in a 757

Miami to St. Thomas is also a great one, beautiful scenery the entire way


I prefer Fort Lauderdale over Miami but its definitely a good one!


Let’s all be nice to each other and not get off topic 😃. And yeah St Thomas is a lovely place!


London Heathrow to John F Kennedy WOW the scenery the whole flight 😍😍😍


DAAAYYUUUMMM BRUVVV!!! I seriously need to fly that 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 SOooooo beautiful… All that water…


nah I actually prefer to fly heathrow - newark instead cause i’m not generic ;)


Using the Pan Am 742 is the only thing that makes that route exotic not gonna lie…

Chicago to Paris takes the cake for me! I’ve never seen anybody fly that route and you fly to some of the most underrecognized airport in the game!

My boy you have a lesson to learn in sarcasm

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I knew it was sarcastic but ok.