Most embarrassing thing that you did on the IFC.

I was TL1 and I made my 2nd topic, I saw someone had withdrawn their post, “(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)” and I was still learning alot. I thought that posts were topics and I almost lost it when I saw that someone withdrew their topic. I thought that someone was trolling me and that they were going to get a Moderator to delete my topic. So I flagged it and @Chris_S PMed me saying that users can delete their own posts. He was chill. It was pretty embarrassing for me, saying that I wasted his time.

What was your most embarrassing thing that you did on the community? (It’s ok, we won’t judge) 😀


sighs while circumventing 20 character rule


Getting a post flagged on the aircraft voting topic. 🤦🏻‍♂️
I said I was going to do a flight and asked people to join me. This was when I was TL1. So embarrassing.

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Breaking the 10 character rule and getting a unofficial warning from Deer

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Not a singular moment but coming back everytime I try and quit. This place is like drugs. Gave me my original aviation fix but now that Im addicted I cant quit it as much as I try and want too.


Having a sibling get on account and talk about his roblox flight experience. Yes, you read that correctly.


Accidentally providing false information whilst trying to help in a #support topic. Schyllberg might remember. If you see this, I’m sorry.

Throw back to 2017, it was a discussion which turned into like 3-4 mods ending up in the DM.

I can’t think of anything publicly embarrassing i’ve done though.


“Discussion”? Hahaha. Fun way of putting it.


Complete mayhem. That’s more suitable.

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The minimum character rule

.nuff said

Being impeccable all the time, it gets pretty embarrassing after a while.

Now that’s a story I’d love to hear @Connor 😁

Well for me, there might have been a few things. Giving a wrong reply in Support that accidentally made it impossible for the user to play IF until someone else cleaned the mess for example. You have to be able to admit the mistakes you make, to be able to learn from them and to apologize. That’s what I did.

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