Most Embarrassing / Funniest Thing You’ve Done At a Airport or Plane

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But one flight, I was flying JAL business class 787 from Narita to Dallas. I was offered an Orange Juice on pushback. So I took it, then I spilt it 😂 So I covered it up with my jacket I and the flight attendant saw my jacket on the floor and picked it up for me and saw the big stain. But the rest of the flight was fine, I just have flight attendants cleaning it up for 20 minutes while I say sorry 100 times to them


I was 12 years old and forgot to say “please” to the flight attendant for ordering my drink and she was like “What’s the magic word?” and I just replied “PLEEESE” like a 3-year-old begging for stuff

I was weird XD


Does accidentally bumping into the food cart and knocking over two bottles of coke count? 😂😂


When I accidentally returned to the wrong seat on the plane and my wife calls out my name HoNeY!! I am right here!! That was embarrassing 🤭🥶. ( Half awake at that time since it was a 16 hour flight JFK-VHHH)


I was like 9 and I was in the Innsbruck duty free with my parents, I knocked over 12 bottles of wine with my bag


most embarrassing, that must be when my brother spilled all of his drink on me and my blanket on a Norwegian 787 OSL-FLL


for most people And crew members it is learning how to get into the lavatory


I visited the cockpit before takeoff, then went back to my seat. 5 minutes later they called my name on the speaker to come to the front and a flight attendant gave me an a320 card (that’s the plane I was on). It was so awkward when they called my name 😂


I was on an SWA flight from SAT-BWI and I went to the rear lavatory, as I left the lavatory a friendly flight attendant asked if I’d like another soda, and I relied yes. Right after she handed me the soda the captain turned on the seat belt sign and said that there would be bumps ahead. As I got to my seat row 17, the turbulence cause me to spill the drink on on of my family members who was in the isle seat. Good thing it wasn’t a random person.


In 2015, ZRH-SIN (LX, A343) I had to take a powerful dump. I used a lot of toilet paper so I ended not getting it flushed…
Luckily there weren’t other people waiting to use the WC at the moment.


Especially when you have to lock it to get lights, who came up with that idea 🤔


In 2017 I was flying from Nelson to Auckland on an ANZ ATR-72 aircraft. When i threw up so violently it was out of service for the remainder of the day, and I became the laughing stock of the ANZ Domestic Team.

Really helps to know that as I’m going into Flight Attending


What happned after that?


I was on porter airlines to washington to see the smithsonian aircraft museums. I spilt a sprite on myself and I had to walk down the isle to the w/c and change. When I came out, I had to walk back holding my wet clothes including my underwear. I also have another story from that trip. So you know in a corner of the Udvar-Hazy center there are those Hiller flying platforms? Yeah my dad saw them and laughed and I laughed to to avoid the embarrassment.


@TheJ3estPenguin got sick on a plane once with SWA so bad they had to replace the seat lmao


Your lucky. For me it was two bottles of Vodka, both broke on contact. Long story short, vodka everywhere. Luckily I did not have to pay for it.

I also was really sick on a flight to Boston, poop everywhere. The flight attendants were pissed but understood I was sick. Now that that is stuck in your head, here is a happier story.

I was on a plane and I saw my friend flying the aircraft (I have a lot of pilot friends) so I decided to find a recording of a stall GPWS callout. I played that and he panicked, but before he pulled up on the yoke, I yelled hey [Insert Name Here], like my GPWS? We all had a good laugh about it.


Ok but has anyone ever tripped in the middle aisle whilst everyone’s boarding and still standing, I’m never flying BA again in case I get some of the same crew that were there


I was @ RJAA or RJTT (I don’t really remember which one) and the visibility was at 100m so nobody could see any taxiways. So I pushed back to the direction Of thought I was supposed to go but went the wrong way. I taxied into a dead end and into a terminal. I didnt feel too embarrassed because nobody could see a thing.


While everyone was sleeping peacefully I was watching a funny movie then I laughed so loud and soo SPAZZY literally everyone woke up and looked at me I was probably looked like a cherry


um…Good for you… I think…