Most Efficient Time to Fly

Hello all,
I am a GAF RAAF Pilot Officer, Qantas Captain + staff member and I’m also a Grade 5 pilot. Now with that comes obviously a lot of time to fly.
However with COVID-19 forcing me to stay at home, being in Year 12 (but not going for ATAR so not studying hard) plus having a really bad iPhone 6 that can no longer do medium to long haul flights anymore I was wondering if anyone had any tips on when to fly to get the most flight time.

I’ve been told to go every destination Qantas flies from Sydney which I’ve done and also to fly to every single country in the world… which I’ve also done.

Are there any more ideas, tips or tricks you have to go more time. Unfortunately, Qantas has set routes and GAF requires military bases and starting from the same place you landed (so nowhere out of Oceania) but surely there are some ideas I can get.

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Best offer to fly without crashes, is avoid busy airspaces, and follow the instructions from the support thread.


Thanks but no matter what I do it will always have the problems. The device is just too old now.

I have an IPhone 6 too! I’ve had since 6th grade (I’m in 9th now) if you clear up some storage, put graphics all the way down and restart it, you’d be surprised how far it can go. I’ve used it on a 17 hour flight from Perth to London (you should try that one 😉) and just two weeks ago I used it on the 16 and a half hour flight from Tahiti to Paris


Yea just tweak with the settings and youll be suprised how far that 6 can go ☺😜

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Edit:also I recommend you delete unnecessary apps that will free up storage and clear the cache storage in if that helps too

Thanks for the suggestion guys. I’m a minimalist so naturally I only the bare necessities I need and it’ll still crash in like 6 hours. Unfortunately it doesn’t matters how much stuff I… don’t have… it will always crash after a few hours.
Oh and Noah, I can only use IF on the lowest settings normally.

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Have you got a lot of files on your phone?

Files? What do you mean by files as I know you cannot have raw files on your phone like you can on a computer.

Have you got documents on their downloads on the web browser?

I’m on an iPhone, I didn’t you could download things directly oddness the browser.

Yea H you can download files such as PDF files etc also have you checked your iPhone for any sorts of viruses?

I’ve the same crashs issues but i think an app closing and reloading (even making a full device reboot) might help. The devs are aware of the problem and explained to us why it happens. Hope to get this fixed in the next updates, my iPhone 6 classic runs very smoothly and the battery is still alive at an excellent point, so it would be pity to not be able to continue using this phone :) Apple devices are rocks :)

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Yeah the 6 is a beauty currently doing a flight from toronto to dubai 😜

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Right well I download them on my computer online and no I have no viruses, my phone can barely function normally yet alone when’s it’s being attacked.

I restart my phone all the time. I’ve tried all the tricks… it’s just too old.

There is a way to get it up and running again

As much as I want to believe you, my phone regularly crashes on small apps so I’m convinced it’s just too old.

Can I delete documents and data? What does it mean by offloading the app, will I lose anything?

I think offloading the app gets rid of unnecessary files

So I should offload it?
Oh and I just found out about soft restart. Should I do that?