Most Difficult approach

EGLL on Casual, by far the most difficult since you need to do about 7-84 go-arounds due to traffic on the runway.


I can’t relate but I can say that I was relieved after making it to Grade 2, I left casual server with no regrets😌😂😂

I find KLAX on TS pretty hard too. Very challenging approach since you need to dodge about 10 fighter jets surrounding you and countless planes intercepting your STAR.

Without stating the obvious, like Lukla, Wellington International Airport could be quite the challenge. It has a single 2,081 meter (6,827 foot) runway that starts and ends right near the ocean. Rough and turbulent landings are also common, even in larger aircraft, due to the channeling effect of Cook Strait, which creates strong and gusty winds, especially in north-westerly conditions. As a result, it makes it extremely difficult to maneuver landings.


You should try out SVMD this airport is surrounded by high mountains and its pretty small

Aspen is a fun and kind of difficult approach due to the surrounding terrain. St. Bart’s is also great fun to try out! Queenstown is also extremely fun to fly an approach into. Even cooler is its unique pattern, which is a figure eight around terrain. Let me find the charts for it.

Here’s the approach plates for the runways, and here’s the chart for the figure 8 pattern circuits.


I almost flew into a mountain side while trying Paro. There’s this bug where airports are displayed through the land…as if the ground is transparent.

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True, that’s one of the reasons I was too high

I feared that it was glitching

Omg try NZMF you’ll never get it! I can’t do it, it’s such a broken airport. It’s not the real life approach making it hard it’s actually just a bug in the system…


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