Most Detailed Airport?

What is the most detailed airport, or region

They are all layed out the same, I don’t really understand your question

They are all made by the airport editing team, which I am a part of. Each airport is individually edited, meaning that airports look different than others.

I would say the most detailed airport would be EGGW, newly redone by @Axel_Beder. :)

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What specifically are you asking?

Airports’ detailed-ness all depends on the skill of the airport editor, the time it was changed, and the amount of information they had on hand. Lots of airports in the London, SoCal and Caribbean regions are in great shape last I checked so it is possibly in there.

JFK and LGA are also high up there

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EGBB with fake jetways and a lot of other markings.

Yes, it is. I flew into that airport the other day, I was wondering what those were, they were jetways! I loved them. But I read that they decided not to put them in other airports.

EGLL ( London Heathrow) is pretty realistic and well marked out, however some of the scenery that you can see whilst parked on the apron isn’t quite right. There are some strange hills which are not like that at the real Heathrow so that slight distracts the level of realism.

KPBI is going to be nice too. ;)


Is there another post just like this. I added something to the last entry. Not sure where it went. I have recently reworked EGLL (Heathrow). You can see the expected look for the next release here: