Most dangerous time for a pilot?

I heard people say is from 75 to 200 hours for a pilot. Because a pilot would experience great ability increase but don’t really know what the limit is. Is that real? Because I am about to enter that or I just got in based on my logbook.

Where did you hearthe from? Dangerous in what way?

I heard it from my peers. Increased risk for flying. (poi)

Don’t think thats true.

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This time period is normally just after you get your PPL. To get your license of course there’s set guidelines for how you operate the plane, weather and other stuff, however it’s impossible to give all the practical experience for the what if’s that do happen. You really learn in that post PPL-200 hour range what those what if situations are.

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I’m at the end of my PCL course and I already have more than 200 hours, I can not understand your message, it’s dangerous in what way, at least nothing has happened to me until now

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Based on stats, there might be more pilots crash at this time.

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because when somebody gains confidence and begins to make the flights alone they become negligent, I will confess that his message was not clear because when someone says that when arriving at those hours it becomes dangerous he should explain how or why, when he has an air crash there can be many facts surrounding it, it can happen with both student and instructor so we care so much about safety, I actually had never heard of this statistic, tomorrow I will talk about it in school and see what others think and if they knew that too

Actually between 75 and 200 you are still a student so technically you wouldn’t tend to be reckless. Complacency can be a major problem around 400-500 hours of experience because you think you know it all and that you’ve seen it all, and this can lead to some serious recklessness.

It always depends on the individual, some are always reckless no matter what…

Don’t forget the saying:

There are old pilots and there are bold pilots. But there’s no old bold pilots.

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you’re right

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