Most Complicated Plane Journeys

It’s a semi self-explanatory title - what’s been your worst and/or longest journey to your destination before, wether it be because of disruption or something else. The only thing I’ll say is that it has to be in some way aviation related.

Mine happens to be coming back from Poland, getting a train across the border into Germany, only to find that I’d missed my flight back from Berlin SXF. Waited 6 hours for the next one back to London, then had a 3 hour drive home at 2am. It was a 13 hour journey in total.

Couldn’t find anything like this by searching, but sorry if this is in any way a duplicate.

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In recent history, I let my global entry lapse by a few months. Never again.

I had to go to Mexico on business, and on my way back, it took longer to clear customs/immigration than the flight itself was. Ugh.
I re-applied for GE the next day.

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I live in a relatively small town in Canada, every journey is complex. It doesn’t help when the boarding times look like this every time I want to go somewhere beyond the continent:


I don’t see why it doesn’t qualify.

@Henrik How about a hand?

last thanks giving we were supposed to go to singapore so we flew to new york and when we went to the eva air business class check in we found out that if you passport is due to expire in less than 6 months you could not go to singapore so we found out that my moms passport would not work and guess what on the way back we were supposed to take emirites business class all the way back to new york

So, 2 years ago, I went on probably the most ridiculous trip in history (not really). I started by catching an American Airlines flight (737-800) from JFK-ORD. Then, once I arrived, we picked up our bags, and hopped on a blue line subway to Union station. When we got there, we boarded Amtrak train #5, the California Zephyr. We were bound for Sacramento. After 3 days, 2 hours on a train (it wasn’t bad), we arrived, and stayed with my dad’s high school friend for the night, and did stuff in Sacramento in the morning. Later in the day, we drove to San Francisco with him, and toured San Francisco. We then drove to my great-aunt’s apartment in San Jose. We stayed for the night, and the next day, picked up our rental and drove to Long Beach. We stayed there for 3 days, going to Disney, Universal, and various other places. On the third day, we had our flight back to JFK on a JetBlue A320, overnight. But, before we left, we drove to Oceanside for some beach time fun. Later, we went to Long Beach, and boarded our returning flight. I slept the whole flight, from 15 minutes after takeoff, to 5 minutes before landing. Since we arrived so early in the morning, my brother and I missed school that day :D

3 days on a train…good effort I’ll give you that! 😂

Somewhere in CHina I believe, had to wait for around 3 hours at customs. So boring…


Had you just travelled eastbound or westbound?

We came in from LHR.

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I’ll be honest. It wasn’t that bad, especially considering we went through the Rockies on a train with a large observation car.

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Never been a big fan of trains…

Long distance trains can be quite nice in the Western half of the US. Every train is double decker, so there’s plenty of space.

Let’s get back on topic, shall we?


For me, it’s happening now.

My flight got cancelled and the typhoon has struck.
It’s not fun.

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Is that Taiwan? What airline were you meant to be travelling on?

Singapore Airlines.

Flying to Cuba from LHR supposed to be one stop in MEX but my B747 had a fire on board XD so we stopped in MXP… waited a day there and then we finally got to MEX and then took another flight to HAV :p to get to Cuba :p

I took an A320 to Abu Dhabi from Doha, then waiting 3 hours, then taking an A332 to Geneva, then taking a 4 hour bus to Alp D’Huez.

Awesome airport isn’t it ?