Most commonly asked questions asked about AA383 ANSWERED!

Hey guys!
Yes, I am alive, i haven’t been on lately due to a major move down to Florida. But back to the topic! As you guys may know what happened this week, an American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER had an engine fire with the Number #2 engine while on takeoff role at Chicago O’Hare. So some of you guys who i talk to alot know that my uncle is the president of maintenance for the whole ENTIRE American Airlines fleet! So I took an opportunity to ask the most commonly asked questions i saw!
—So here are the questions and answers to these—

  1. Will the Boeing 767-300ER be scrapped?
    Yes, the fire was so intense it melted the right wingtip and caused a huge amount of damage to the body and the wing connector.
  2. Is there anything salvageable that you guys could take?
    Yes, we may take the Left engine (Engine # 1 off), the cockpit equipment, non-damaged seats, the left wing, i.e
  3. What was the cause of the crash?
    An uncontained high pressure turbine blade when it exploded it punctured the right wingtip resulting in the fire!
    If you guys have anymore questions (as always they need to be appropriate, questions that are relavent, and please no hate stuff regarding American Airlines, my uncle has no relations to what happened with the US Airways- AA Merger, any of these crap articles about pilot misbehavior, i.e)! Please leave them in the comments or message me personally and i will ask them to him!
    Safe flights and have a good day everyone!

Cool info. Thanks man!

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Second ‘recent’ incident of a HP turbine letting go. The first being the Las Vegas BA flight.

Whilst there is a certification requirement for a front fan blade to be contained if it shears there is nothing that is going to hold a HP turbine in place if it decides to let go!

Glad it went into the wing and not the cabin.

Happy flying

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Good to know!! Thanks btw.

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Anytime! Glad to share this wit you guys (:!

Not wishing to put a downer on your information but have you checked with your Uncle that he is happy for you to put info like this on a public and open forum?

An investigation will be under way and the results of such investigations can have serious financial effects on component companies especially if they are seen to be at fault or engineering departments for the same reason.

I would check that what he’s telling you isn’t in ‘family’ confidence before posting any further information on here.

Speculation is one thing, inside information prior to an official report is another.

Just be careful! :D


Haha yes he’s fine with it, he obviously wouldn’t tell me any of the stuff that should remain within the family or within the workforce at AA with the board haha. Plus when he told me about the turbine fan possibly being the cause, the wall street journal posted an article regarding GE being under investigation by the FAA for the turbine, as the engine was a GE! Haha thanks for putting into it.
I couldnt find the wall street journal link: but this is similiar-

In that link it confirmed that it was the same thing predicted by my uncle

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