Most common way IF crashes

Hello, what is the most common way IF crashes, Bad wifi? App left on for to long? Or just because your phone is old? If there is a “More” common way the app goes boom, please tell me!!!

Because I am going Perth-London in a few days👍

Crashes are caused by an overload of something on your device and your device simply can’t take it or you run into something that is very rare and there’s no workaround so the app crashes. Currently it is common to get an app crash during long flights. They are working on a fix for that.

It could be because of the graphics settings used or the remaining storage on the device. Another thing is the scenery generating, that can cause crashes. But like @infiniteflight_17 it’s something that they are working on fixing.

So for your flight, I recommend staying in cockpit or tail view pointing in the sky and for cockpit looking any where that isn’t looking out the windows.

Ok! Thank you very much, did not know that point to the sky tip!! 😀

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Actually that doesn’t do anything @Devin_Stock. The game generates scenery whether you’re looking at the cockpit or not.

Oh, I though one of the staff members said something about that.

There was an issue with RAM usage on long haul flights, not sure if this is patched, but that was responsible for most of the iOS crashes…

Do you think I should message a Infinite flight guy like Tyler and ask if the point to the sky thing is true or not?

I’m pretty sure I saw Seb or another mod say that that doesn’t help, I could be wrong though.

I have noticed something similar and it happens to me all the time. Do not switch up for “outside camera view” for too long.
And if something pops up on your screen saying “tap to dismiss” you need to dismiss the message. My app keep crashing for when I switch up to outside camera view. Thats what I have noticed.

So you are saying to say inside the cockpit view?

@Speedyyy, “A workaround that could work in the meantime is to keep the camera pointing up while you’re flying so the terrain doesn’t refresh.
Cameras for that can be the tail cam pointing at the sky or freecam left where it is when activated since it won’t move)

Terrain code refreshes tiles when they are in view, is there are no new tiles to view, the code that causes the leak doesn’t run.

So you can take off, then in cruise, change to one of the cams above, and only switch back to the other cams when needed.

Some users have tested this and reported to us that they had some success.

As @Cameron said, we’re hopefully going to be able to share more soon.” This was what Laura said in the topic App keep crashing after 19.4 update. This could be an outdated technique.

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Yes. Maybe not actually accurate but thats what I have noticed everytime I switch up for outside view cam.
And some time if I forgot to dismiss that message on my screen, the app forces to close itself.

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