Most Common TS Habits You Should Leave There Upon Joining Expert

or flight plans not being filed, doing the spawn and go. Aside from people flying patterns


Good post, also for the IFFG Facebook pages; I suspect most of our early Grade 3’s are relatively young and chances are they find the Facebook pages well before this community…


This continues to be a constant among newer players.

Please. I don’t know what the the TS controllers do to you guys that makes you so jumpy, but if you don’t require pushback, you can sit at the gate for hours without saying a word.

There is no discernable reason in the world that you need to immediately send Stand By upon spawning. Please stop.


I think this game should be minimum 14+
pilots who just want to fly a figher 200f over the entire airport at 500knts are making alot of us confused they do it over uncontrolled busy airport like EGLL !!! No one can do anything i always report like an idiot waiting for the magic to happen since years


It’s not about age. Instructions are there to be followed. Trolls come from all ages whether adults or toddlers enjoying their Christmas gift.


Even if there was a age restriction, it’s hard to implement/verify. A 7yr old can easily say that he is 18yrs old and there is not much you can do at that point.


Asking for frequency change at the hold short line after being told “taxi to runway [RW], contact tower when ready”
Contact tower when ready means contact tower when you approach the hold short line of the the runway you were instructed to taxi to. This has to be the most aggravating thing I encounter on TS2.


I’ve always thought pattern altitude is 1500 for GA and 3000 for commercial, because I think Mark mentioned that in one of his tutorial videos. Is that wrong?


It is what @Tim_B mentioned. 1000 for GA and 1500 for Commercial. I do not think it would be any different in the Tutorials.


Well… that should make my pattern work more efficient!

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Just to clarify, in the Remaining In The Pattern video, he advised 1000-1500 for GA and 2000-2500 for larger aircraft. Still different than the 1500/3000 I incorrectly remembered.

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I can bet you this is because TS1 controllers instantly instruct aircraft that have just spawned in to pushback or taxi, leading to the pilot saying “Stand by”. I’ve experienced this on TS1 myself a couple times, I guess some people immediately do that so tower doesn’t tell them to pushback.


Great post. I hope they pin this and a lot of newer IF pilots read this.

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Well, he did drawl that out very slowly, yes.

But in the absence of a published TPA (which we don’t have in IF), pattern altitude for GAs is 1000 AGL. I promise.

The thing about people flying patterns in 388s is…yeah, no one actually does that at EGLL during peak hours in real life.

Anyway, I promise you that any patterns Mark flies in IF in an airline are 1500 AGL. If you feel better at 2000, that’s okay, I suppose.

But here’s the thing. When we have an aircraft in pattern, we try to get them in in between other arrivals. Which is simple when pilots fly it at an appropriate 1500 AGL and can turn base at about 4.5 to 5 nm from the threshold. If you fly it at 3000 you basically have to fly the entire 10 nm downwind. Which means you’ll probably be running into other inbound traffic that will throw off sequencing.

You don’t need to fly to the end of the cone. You’re only delaying yourself by doing so, and it also makes it hard to know when we have to kick you behind another arrival who’s gonna be full stop (and thus need the runway longer) and may cause a go around, whereas at 1500 you can tirn base ahead of them, get a quick touch and go in and be back up around for another go. It’s just much better to be at 1500.

What you really shouldn’t do, which I see a lot with those new to the server, is climb to some rediculous altitude like 8000 or even 10k, create some box of a flight plan to follow, etc. [I’m not saying you do, I just see it a lot]

Patterns should be at TPA, and you just use the leg headings, no flight plan required. Sometimes I even see these crescent shaped flight plans and guys are up at 10k. It’s ludicrous. Unfortunately, Check Help won’t do anything because if they’re that oblivious…well…


I have had ATC on multiple occasions ask me to taxi etc when I’ve spawned and it’s been a few seconds!


On expert?

Why would they do that? I promise no one is desperate to give taxi instructions as fast as possible. We are much more concerned with traffic already in motion. You can sit at a gate for hours. Go for it.

The only time I tell someone to taxi is when they have pushed back and someone can’t pushback until they move and they’re sitting there creating a flight plan. That’s the only time I worry about it.


Yep, on expert hence my surprise.
You maybe aware of the situation you have to deal with but maybe…just maybe…some ATC isn’t as planned or experienced.

Did cross my mind that I could be ghosted for doing absolutely nothing but thankfully I was able to get my flight plan and everything in order.

Next time someone does that, get a screenshot of the ATC log and of the controllers name, and send it to one of the ATC trainers/supervisors in a PM. Tim is a supervisor as well as myself and a handful of others. Just ask around and someone will get you pointed in the right direction. We can have those types situations looked into and will evaluate if that individual needs to be retested.


Appreciate the response. Will do.

Love this, thanks for spending the time to hash this out