Most Common TS Habits You Should Leave There Upon Joining Expert

Alas not an IFATC, so all I could do was roll my eyes and ensure I stayed out of their careless way.

I took off from DFW 10 min ago on an Emirates 77W. When I checked behind me there was a Delta CRJ which had begun its takeoff roll even before I rotated then proceeded to follow me up to 11000ft. Man I wish there was wake turbulence in IF

I get it. Whoever it was wanted to have fun or just troll. If you want a formation flight you can always drop a pm instead of doing erratic manoeuvres.

Peace ✌🏼


I wanna know why I can’t in TS ATC broadcast which runways are open/closed. I also think that if an aircraft doesn’t follow instructions repeatedly, we should be able to remove them from the session or “ghost” them without affecting their stats or something

I think there have been many posts as to why “ghosting” or a simplified version of it on Training is not going to be implemented.

Remember this topic is about TS habits that you should leave upon joining expert. Of course we have ATIS on the expert server to outline which runways are active, and which aren’t. If you’re on Training Server, you can easily communicate which runway you’d like an aircraft to go to on ground frequency, when they request taxi. Telling them to taxi to that runway would imply that the runway they’re heading to is active and in use.


imagine whenever an atc on expert did "call-sign please check forums for assistance using atc instructions* and it links the user who doesn’t follow the instructions to this thread…

Hopefully they’ll check this:

However, as mentioned above, most of the repeat offenders aren’t actively involved with the community, which makes it much more difficult/impossible to communicate any help they may need with ATC instructions.

Of course, and I did read those and understand that it would be very difficult to maintain and such. Just Wishful thinking.

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On TS I had to go around 5 times to land.
But the ATC had made his excuses so everything alright. :)


And finally when I had the runway clear, I run of fuel. BUT I NAILED IT. butter is a very cool word isn’t?

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Landing on a taxiway and smashing into two other planes…yes that happened at my field earlier on ES sadly.

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It should also be noted that there are no longer any PFI or CHP commands on the training server !

Oh goodness wake turbulence would probably be annoying and hilarious to have in Infinite Flight.

It would definitely cause some irritating moments and some funny moments.

However, lets not get off topic. Maybe make a feature request for wake turbulence however check that there isn’t already one beforehand because I have a feeling there is already one.

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These were removed for a reason, mainly because they now contain “or you will be ghosted” at the end of “please follow instructions”, and both commands could be abused on the training server. Unfortunately some just don’t listen on the Training Server. Nothing can be done, but you, the controller can claim the moral high ground, as at least you tried to get them to do the right thing. :)

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I cannot stand it when I see Grade 2 or 3 users doing everything this article says not to do. It infuriates me beyond imagination.

Something I’d like to add to this as someone said “stop being lazy” earlier and it just sparked the thought…

Plan your route on the ground!!! This means starting from the very beginning and picking out a gate that is appropriate for your aircraft (even take it a step further and pick a gate that your airline would use if you’re in a commercial aircraft). To me it is very important that you arent disrupting the flow of traffic, and by spawning in close to a runway, sometimes you’re at a spot that you wouldn’t be able to pushback from due to a line. Lately, this has caused several warnings from my end because of repeating the message to ask for pushback. Im sorry you spawned next to a line, the line has priority.


Thanks for the more detailed clarification…but there will always be at least some recidivistic delinquents who just get a thrill in making things more difficult…that said though it was still a little more professional when l could at least ask for some compliance even though after several attempts l knew that l would never get it !

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I realize this might of come up before, but when your instructed to change frequency from tower after departure, please change frequency. Unless your in the pattern there’s no need to be tuned into tower after departure. This also helps limit the amount of aircraft tower needs to deal with, so this is especially important at busy airports.

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Listening to ATC in general…


-Calling into approach at altitude higher than FL180 (18,000 feet).
The ideal call in altitude is below FL180.
I’ve seen this too many times in my short time as an expert radar controller. Technically, pilots aren’t even in approaches airspace above FL180, so calling in at FL310 is absolutely absurd.
All it will get you is a holding pattern while descend your happy self down and another headache for the controller.
Please next time you fly, have decency and spare the approach controller and just descend!


During peak hours especially the FNFs, I have observed aircraft contacting approach while 15 miles from the airport in order to avoid the super long queue and very long vectors for landing. I honestly think this is unprofessional and luckily IFATC in most cases vector the flight to the back of the queue. Next time if you need to land urgently, just divert to a nearby airport.


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