Most Chinese players have the same problem of Infinite flight

let me do a self introduction.I have been played infinite flight for about 7 years.And I have many Chinese friends also play this game.
I hope infinite flight team could focus on this problem , I just shared my experience of what I faced before and now.
First, in using google, Facebook,Instagram are all illegal in China .And if you want to have a infinite flight account, you must have the account of Google or Facebook. So for Chinese player, it is very hard to get an account. The only solution is to get a VPN. But as most of people know, the VPN is illegally in China.
Secondly, you must cost lots of time on connecting to the server if you don’t get the VPN.
Thirdly, the IFATC communication platform is also not available to use without VPN in China.
And furthermore , I have been read a lot of Chinese player’s comment from the App Store. Lots of Chinese players are getting trouble of the language.Even though English is the language of aviation.But it is still very hard for Chinese players.
That’s all the things that I share to you guys, thanks for your reading, and if you also have any idea of this , please leave some comments that I can reply you! Appreciate


I completely understand what your saying here! I used to live in Shenzen and Guangzhou from 2016-2017. I only have a couple answers to your questions here though :(.

As for Discord, which is used for IFATC Communications now. Discord is used in most countries around the world. Some countries do indeed require a VPN. Most of us North American, Oceanic, and European are all used to major communication platforms like Slack and Discord. It’s unfortunate that of players in countries like China have to use a VPN.

This is also another major issue that I can agree with. Hopefully the developer team can find a way for players in China to use another popular Chinese communication app to use a subscription. I wasn’t able to buy an IF sub unless I had a VPN.

I believe IF should work on other language translations. There is no solution to this yet sadly. Hopefully it can be improved.


Adding onto Kamryns, I’m sorry that you have to install a VPN just in order to enjoy the game right, hopefully things get better.


Well in 20.2 we have login with IFC, but I really expect subscription link with Wechat, QQ and even Apple😂


Ah, I forgot about that haha. At least for now that should bring less difficulty when using a subscription!


Thanks for you sharing ! Hope infinite flight can find some solutions for Chinese players in the future!

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As far as I know, you don’t need a FB or Google account to access IF (that’s my case) as well as IFC (I used my email address to register).
But that does affect something, like many of the players have trouble voicing their opinions on things like what livery or feature to be added next.

That’s indeed a problem, and I think it’s probably the biggest barrier for most of the Chinese players. Hopefully we can work out a solution.
Here’s my opinion regarding to the addition of the liveries:

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First of all, I don’t think using VPN is illegal in CN because this is about politics, so I won’t talk it here. Using might help you.
Second, on my device ,connecting live server won’t take me too much time, that depends on the network. Try to use cellular, that may help you.
Third, you talked about IFATC, now we use Discord to communicate, as I know that Chinese App Store doesn’t provide Discord due to some reasons, in order to solve this problem, you can register another App Store account, in different area.
What’s more, English is a widely used language among the world, IF team also told that they will only provide English service. To be honest, the common language of world aviation is English, try to learn more, some comments don’t show the thinking of all players.
Hope you have a wonderful experience, cheers 🍻


I know all the solutions. But however, Infinite flight is still little bit “unfriendly” to Chinese players. I don’t think most of Chinese players would wanna to cost lots of time on how to get a VPN or something else of playing infinite flight.Because as you see, the comment and score of infinite flight on China APP store is not good.

As I said before, few comments can’t show the true side of this game
As I heard that many pupils in CN play IF, since they can’t understand the meaning in game, so they will give only 1-2 stars.

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Well thats why buying Huwaei phones is not favorable to me, even i live tho in the Philippines, Google Play Services still arent present, thus making me a problem of how should i renew, buy or manage my subscription.

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Yo!I totally feel you. For me i say we need more Chinese airlines in the sky. I wanna see livery like Shenzhen airline or Hainan airline‘s 737 flying


Can we keep this talk non-political?

Well the topic is about how censorship is affecting the vast majority of innocent people in china (and a request for IF to make workaround), and unfortunately, that often brings up politics, if you don’t like, please just ignore this.

We have many Chinese users who are not in need of using a VPN.

The problem is how the different service providers in China decides on how to interpret the policies for the GFW. Some service providers works fine with Infinite Flight, others don’t…

There’s a limit to how much we can do. But devoting considerable resources on infrastructure for one single country is not a reliable option.

With 20.2, we have solved the account issues though. Since linking your account no longer requires you to use a Google or Facebook account, as you can now link with your IFC account. And IFC only requires email + password.


To whoever reported my posts, I am not in violation of the community guidelines, I was never abusive to anyone (Ok maybe the CCP but eh) and IFC guidelines never state anything about politics

Well in that case

They do actually. You missed the fuzz earlier this summer ;)


I would agree that this needs to be sorted out. I lived in China for 9 months last year on a work placement course and I wasn’t prepared to break the law by using a VPN - luckily I could still play IF because I was already signed in and all that - but it meant I had to use my secondary account.

Please see below: