Most challenging/unrealistic runways in the sim

Share your favorite or outrageously hard airports/runways to take off and land. Some of them might be simply improper altitude or terrain settings in the sim, but honestly it just adds some fun and challenge lol. Sometimes you can’t help but laugh if an airport is sunk into the ground 500 feet.

I’ll start with Tenzing-hilliary (VNLK) it honestly looks like you’re coming out of a cave, and then you reach the end of the short runway and if you don’t have the right airspeed, you’re going to fall a few hundred feet off the mountain!


That is an actual airport I believe. There is a village up in those mountains so they use this to transport people and goods. But it is definitely fun to fly out of these places.


Id prefer to use a helicopter if I was going out of here. Lol

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VNLK is mostly known as Lukla.

It’s like that in real, basically. Nothing weird about it in Infinte Flight except for the lack of sloped runway.


I didn’t know slope runways exist XD

Runway 17L at KDWH is very small in width, but around 2000ft in length

Wich would if anything make it eaven harder so I will take it :)

Ooh! I have one. It’s some airport in Mexico, I forget the name.

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It slopes down for takeoff so it would probably be easier to gain speed (I imagine)

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Ya, but many GA aircraft can takeoff there regardless, and anyway if you don’t have enough speed you can be launched sort of by the clif…

Also imagine trying to do angle of attack on a slope…

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Now a sloped landing would be really difficult to do. If you don’t land right on you would hit the nose wheel first

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That’s nice. Lol. No idea where though:(?

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Yeah it’s on the mexican peninsula though

I’ll have to look for it

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