Most challenging airports in Europe to land at?

What are the most challenging airports to land at in Europe?

Innsbruck is the first airport that comes to mind.

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Funchal, very windy, visual approach


Idk if this belonging to europe but Madeira intl airpirt


I think of Tivat off the top of my head. Seen a Matt Davies flight to it, interesting visual approach.

Gibraltar seems challenging with the winds and the huge rock to the side of the airport.

Innsbruck. Try doing the proper approach.

This is a nice tutorial even though it isn’t infinite flight

Madeira is part of Portugal so yes

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I fully agree with that

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Try the following ones:

Samedan LSZS (5600 ft MSL - mountainous area)

Saanen LSGK (3300 ft MSL - mountainous area - less space - smaller airfield)

Innsbruck isn’t that bad as long as you pay attention to the terrain. Try Madira and it’s crosswinds then you’ll know what I mean by tough ;)

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Would have to be Funchal, wouldn’t it?

Interlaken - Switzerland. South approach almost impossible in anything with a jet engine, north approach very difficult and visual only

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