Most challenging airport in IF

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WMBT airport, with an F-22 aircraft approaching is quite challenging, but at the same time enjoyable.



It’s possible AirNav and FlightAware (where the image is from) are not up-to-date. It’s entirely possible they don’t keep up with a small field like this, but that’s the latest available info.


Great responses everyone. Excited for global, will really up the ante when it comes to challenging airports. I look forward to Funchal airport in the Madeira islands and other challenging airports around the world to include some rough airstrips in Africa and the Americas. Another reason why it’ll be cool to have more rough field capable aircraft!

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I think that KASE in the Denver Region is challenging.


Landing on runway 20 at WBMT in Singapore with a 50 knt headwind at 206° yous basically floating and you can make the shortest landing ever


One time I was flying into KASE and the one runway was red and the TS1 controller thought it was inactive so in my 787-9 I had to fly around and do a visual nearly crashing into the mountains multiple times to the other runway.


nothing bigger than an a321 or 757 is allowed at KASE


CL77 in SoCal has a very severe drop on approach to runway 12. With scenery
resolution not what it should be, it’s difficult to judge when to nose over
in order to meet the threshold properly. It’s alot like St. Barts.

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It might have been an A319 I remembered it as a 787 for some reason.

Correction…it’s in the San Francisco region rather.

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You really have to be on your toes around KASE at night with all the mountains

IMHO…night flying is some of the most educational… particularly around the mountains… because it almost forces you to rely much more on your instruments so you learn not to always pay attention to landmarks and other visual clues once you get more experienced… the closest thing to an instrument approach in IF without the nav radios and other avionics to rely on…

Ooh boy, I need to try that now.

WMBT Tioman in Singapore and Kuala Lunpur region.Runway 02.Having to dive down just to land is scary.

I tried that WMBT runway 02 in Singapore a few times, couldn’t make it :D I check that airport on google and obviously there’s no landings from that side… I assume there isn’t.

In the Colorado region spawn in at Silver West Airport (CO8), runway 13 departing east over Deer Peak, heading towards Good Pasture Airport (14CO) runway 05, in a loaded GA, with wind and weather, low visibility clouds, in the dark.

I got an a380 there haha. Had to land on the ground and taxi for a bit.

You almost HAVE to use your map and collision avoidance indicator in a
situation like that.