Most challenging airport at the moment?

I’ve seen other topics talking about GV01and other challenging airports but unfortunately they aren’t in IF anymore, so does anyone know about some new challenging airports to tests our piloting skills ?

I think you should try out the approach (if you haven’t already done so) into NZQN [Queenstown], it’s a stunning but also a challenging apprch (:

I’d also recommend checking out this thread here for some other ideas;


Thanks I’ll check it out now 🤙🏻

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The ol’ good WMBT is a nice one to test your skills (Even though it would be better to fly there once the new scenery covers South China Sea) ;)

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Looks like a great approach. Have to try it out some day.

LPMA especially RWY5, but you probably already know about that one :)

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Dutch Harbor is a fun one, Kodiak if the wind isn’t blown straight down RWY 26 is hard

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I’ll add that one to the bucket, haven’t tried it before

Aw wait I have tried it before I didn’t recognise the name 😂

One word.



Toncontin Airport is pretty hard. MHTG. Just search youtube and you will understand.

LFLJ is a pretty hard one, short runway and on the other end is a wall. I might be doing a groupflight there later, and you would be certainly welcome to join. :)

I still remember how we were always messing around at WMBT pre-global :P

If you do it right (by that I mean hitting the exact angle and landing at like 1k fpm) you could technically land a full load A380 there xD

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I have never managed to land any planes there. Almost every planes I used ended up overshooting the runway lol

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Thanks i will try it out now💪🏼

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Queenstown (NZQN) is a fun one on both runways (23 & 05). 🙂



Thanks, cant wait to try it out 🤙🏻

It looks like a hell of an approach , wish global covered that region :(

@Luke_M please another airport for a flight together. :) :p

I like TNCS (Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport) aka Saba Airport. Its one of the shortest runways in the world, if not the shortest.

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