Most boring continent In IF

Hey everyone!! What’s the most boring continent In Infinite flight In your opinion?? My opinion says South America, don’t get me wrong I like South America, but because of the terrible scenery quality In SA ;) What’s yours??



Antarctica, all snow. No topography so the mountains don’t show.

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I would have to say South Eastern Asia because of the lack of high quality scenery. It doesn’t reflect how beautiful it is in real life :(


North of Bergen in Norway, it is not technically a continent but it is the most boring part, it is all flat where the expectation is this

But actually you should have considered making a poll instead


This is like asking “what’s the biggest ocean?”

There’s only one that’s just a textureless white mass.


So hard they all so good!

Poor little snowy continent is called boring here :(


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In IF. It’s obviously a tad more three dimensional in, well, three dimensions.


South America. I wanted to fly from Frankfurt to Buenos Aires just to realize EZE is just painted of green and blue, not topographical scenery

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South America is Most challenging place to fly. If you use charts or ForeFlight you would know what I mean. It’s not like you can descent and climb whenever you want, that makes good continent even without full scenery.

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I’m gonna have to say The philippines :(( although I love flying there it needs some HD Scenery it just looks off and boring but I’m still gonna fly there though 👌😂

The Philippines are my third favorite continent. Right after San Francisco and Mars.

  • Antarctica is nothing but white/gray. No scenery or topographics.

  • Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) is lacking scenery. Topographics are updated, but they’re just big green blobs. In Singapore, the water and land is just blended together, there’s no clear defining line between them.

  • South America (yes, all of it) has no scenery. The topographics are fine, but much like Southeast Asia, the mountains are big green blobs, and like Singapore, there isn’t a clear line showing the transition from land to ocean.

That’s all I know of.


You sound like you are Elon Musk right hand.

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☺️☺️hehehehehe I did not know Mars was a continent

Northern Canada is the most boring

Also include Central America because Nicaragua isn’t updated either.

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