Most Beautiful Scenery in IF

Hello IFC!
I was wondering what the most beautiful scenery you have flown to in IF.

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I think my photo will say more than my words



Fly Auckland, NZ to Queenstown, NZ in an Air New Zealand A320. You won’t be disappointed. Also the Northern Rockies with an approach into PAJN.


I have to say the Alps

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You could look at this for some more inspiration!

he does not want to know about the airport, he just asked the most beautiful scenery in IF, so your post does not correspond to this topic, sorry


I shall quote John Denver for mine. I might be a tad biased;

Rocky mountain high (Colorado)

You can find prairie, mountain, tundra, and desert environments, all in one state, no more than a two hour flight from KDEN. Not to mention that you can fly some challenging approaches into KASE, KEGE, and more.

The mountainous region of western China, northern Pakistan, and northern India.

I recommend GA aircraft for maximum scenery intake.

Western Canada or the Bahamas for me

I was just trying to help out. But if you think about the word

Fortunately the

definition of the word scenery
  1. The natural features of a landscape considered in terms of their appearance

doesn’t include a Flight Level! It appears you haven’t even looked through the topic I linked…

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well I know very well what the scenery means, and you can be sure that I look at your topic but I do not see what one thing has to do with the other, anyway, never mind

Dudes just tryna help leave him be 😂


The Himalayas :)


Definitely French Polynesian. It’s a place not many people go to but it’s an incredible place! Especially Pape’ete and Bora Bora

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