Most Beautiful and Unique Approaches/Airports in the world

Hi, all. I hope you’re all doing well. I’m looking for scenic airports with unique aspects such as difficult approaches or maybe the airport is on top of a mountain. I’m looking to do Touch and Goes for XP, but would love a good looking place to do it.

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You can try the Lukla or the Nice airport LFMN.

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I’ve tried both of those airports. Any others you can think of?

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Gotta check out the one & only Queenstown, such a classic.

Here’s a video to give a bit of context:


You can try the classic Kai Tak approach.

Samos, Greece is a nice airport with a pretty sweet approach. I’ve attached the final approach chart for ya:

Comes with some nice VOR navigation. You can either fly direct to the VOR and fly the full approach or fly a DME arc from the west before intercepting the 359 inbound radial at D9.0 SAM as done so commonly in real life. Either way, a real stunner!

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The runway 8 visual into Innsbruck is amazing


VQPR. Freaking insanely difficult approach, amazing scenery.

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Is that Paro?

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not really a difficult but a beautiful approach is DCA runway 1

I would recommend Singapore Changi airport. I would recommend going to the playground at Changi beach as you see the planes fly directly under you.

Try VQPR or NZQN, great approaches.

Hong Kong Intl. is pretty damn beautiful I think

Lugano is challenging but beautiful.

You can try LPMA, great approach!

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