Most beautiful Airports

Hey, I was wondering if you guys could recommend me some beautiful airports in infinite flight to fly at. (Or thread links), thanks for the recommendations!
Happy flying! :)

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PHOG is nice. Get to fly on the right downwind right next to Mount Haleakala…Alaska is nice as well

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My favorites have always been tropical airports, KEYW being the best one off the top of my head.

I think it’s gotta be BDA/TXKF (L.F. Wade Int’l Airport) in Bermuda. It’s got a crazy beautiful approach.

I would recommend watching this video also.


I love the good ol’ mountains, so airports like CYLW and CYKA (please don’t make the reference) are great to do t&gs at and quick flights between them and YVR and YYC

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I do like loads of airports both in Infinite Flight and in real life. But when you say ‘Beautiful’ scenery airports pop into my mind like Geneva Airport and so on.

Thank you guys!

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I’d definitely reccomend to check out Queenstown, NZ [NZQN] (:
It’s got stunning scenery and an awesome apprch;


NZQN is a beautiful airport that is located in New Zealand


LFMN. It’s a nice airport though do take advantage and try the visual approach instead of the ILS.

LPMA. If you are looking for nerve-wracking and beautiful, this is the one. It has a visual approach which is often accompanied by crosswinds.

VTSP. Land on runway 09. Overflying the beach at minimums is something cool. The approach on 27 is just plain and normal.

TNCM. Sint Maarten. An airport on the Dutch side of Saint Martin island in the Caribbean. It has spectacular scenery around it and well worth it. Give it a try.

LOWI. Innsbruck, Austria. An approach in between the alps. It’s challenging and beautiful. You’ll enjoy this one too.

Other recommendations include:
VRMM - Maldives
FIMP - Mauritius
FACT - Cape Town
MMUN - Cancun


Thanks you guys!

high pressure aviation film

Bristol (EGGD) has a lovely approach for rwy 9 over the sea crossong over wales and Glasgow (EGPF) has a lovely approach over the highlands.

I’ve got to experience that irl when I flew with a BMI regional erj-145

My favorite is Innsbruck (LOWI), it has a beautiful and challenging approach, I highly recommend it to you


And a very challenging approach to both runways!

Try out VOGO 😉

Midway is a nice one to take off, go around and come back down…

EKCH is the worlds most beautiful airport 🤪

KASE and LOWI are (in my opinion) the most amazing airports! 😍