Most awkward aviation related experiences

What’s your most awkward aviation related experience? Mine just happened a couple of weeks ago…

I booked a flight from BA from London City to Edinburgh in Club Europe (Business), and when I did the seat selection, I found that all the seats were free, meaning there were no other passengers in Club… Because I booked rather early, I thought that there we just no passengers who booked Club that early.

Well, a couple of weeks later I boarded the plane to find myself flying alone in Club to Edinburgh. I thought it was a good thing, before it came to the safety announcement…

BA does their safety announcements by cabins; so Club would get their own flight attendant who would do the announcement just for them. Myself being a very frequent flyer, I tend to just ignore the safety announcements unless I’m flying an unfamiliar aircraft. I was on the E190, an aircraft I regularly take. Also, when there are other passengers flying in business, the FAs tend to not pay attention to you if you’re in a crowd - so you can get away with not watching the safety demo. Well, being alone in Club, I was forced to watch the safety demo, otherwise I’d feel I would be disrespecting the FA! In the end, she did act very profesional; looking straight and not paying attention to me watching her all by myself. Kudos BA!

This is one of the only times in quite some time that I’ve actually paid attention to a safety demo… :)


Most awkward moment on a plane… When I was getting up from my seat to leave the aircraft then I accidentally pressed the button that pushes the chair back and knocked over the person behind me 😂😂😂


When I got sick on a Boeing 738 of AAL flying from KPHX-KDFW


Falling onto someone when there was turbulence. I was coming back from the bathroom and someone was letting someone else out so I was standing for 10-15 seconds waiting to walk back in the middle of the isle. We hit turbulence and I fell onto some 20 year old guys lap I swear to god. I just said sorry in French because it was an Air France from Paris to New York. I don’t think there’s ever going to be a more embarrassing experience in my life.

EDIT: the first class safety demo you described is also quite awkward and that’s happened to me once. I really don’t like staring at people.


So I was on a JetBlue flight from FLL to JFK and my phone was dead so I was like I will just charge it at my seat. Turns out there is no charger at my seat. I looked in the bathroom before the flight and saw one. I ended up sitting in there for 20 minutes straight charging my phone. I got bored and looked through all the cabinets. Pretty awkward.


Awkward meaning awful in my case … had an AirOne flight (Bombardier CRJ900) from CAG to FCO in a thunderstorm at 10 PM, it was pitch black outside and pouring so hard you couldn’t even see the runway, about 20 ft above the ground a wind gust tilted the plane about 20 degrees to the left so hard i thought we touched the runway when the captain immediately gave full thrust and initiated a go around. 2nd and 3rd approach were the same, but there were no alternate airports in range due to fuel issues, so on the 4th approach he brought her down as smooth as a feather, when we were taxiing I saw that the runway was flooded for about 20cm due to heavy rain, never saw anything like it. Had to wait for 2 hours for my connection flight to Vienna (and for better weather) and treated myself to two fine glasses of red, one for me and one for my nerves :)


If you landed on the fourth approach, I wouldn’t need just two glasses of red haha! Thanks for sharing man!

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Most awkard moment for me was trying to get back to seat after going to the toilet during food service

Hitting heavy turbulence in while using the bathroom. No further explanation needed.


Theres was this one lady who put up their feet on my armrest so i reclined my seat suddenly so she would get suprised and stop. It worked amazingly!!


Awkward is when a somebody sitting next to you asks you to close the window. Like no, just no. So they close it for you, and I slowly put it back up. Yeah, I’m not going to have my window closed on a 787.


We had arrived in Dubai, and I was sitting in a Business Class seat on an Emirates A380. The Business and First passengers were allowed to deplane first, and because I had lost something next to my seat, I was still on the plane when the Economy passengers were leaving. As I was bent over looking for the item I had lost, I was hard to see from the aisle. A passenger exiting the plane walks past my seat, and has a go of the seat controls, moving the seat backwards, and trapping my hand in between the seat and the wall. I turn around, and the passenger is looking at me, red in the face, and horribly embarrassed. He quickly apologised and turned away.

Let’s just say, I’ve got a great conversation starter!


There’s no window blind on a 787 though…

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I’m gonna try that if someone does that too me

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Ran outta likes but I assure you it is gonna be soooo funny

Oh yeah it doesnt… @nicochile2 youre lying to me!!! Lolol

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Gotta be when I was younger I forgot to lock the bathroom door and the guy in the row behind me opened it. Getting off the plane was really awkward 😂

Also remember when I was around 7 I farted really loudly in my seat. You could see the other rows trying not to laugh


Dude, I really want to see the passengers faces


There was a flight from Manchester to Islamabad

My cousin was sitting next to me. For the most part of the flight he was okay however once we came over the mountain over Afghanistan. There was a little turbulence and passengers were told to put seat belts on.

My cousin started to cry badly and I started laughing because I knew this was very normal.

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I mean the shade. So like the person next to me would press the button to shade the window, and when it looked away I would put it back up.

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