Most Accurate Plane

I’m not new to IF but I am new to the community. I am so grateful for such a robust flight sim on a mobile device. I never would have imagined that I would be able to fly a simulator with so many features, globally, on my phone.

That being said, I’m curious which airplane other users feel is the most realistic and accurate overall including the flight model, appearance, cockpit, etc. Which plan can you lose yourself in the most and be most absorbed into the experience of flying and why?

Thank you for your responses. I’m genuinely interested in what your thoughts are on this topic!


The most recent ones are also the most accurate. The 757, 777 and A350 are probably the best at the moment.

For GA, the C172, TBM and XCub are best.

Best military aircraft are the A-10, C-130 and tanker variants of the DC-10.


777 series.

Also welcome to the community!

Check out this topic to get to know some of the basics.

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Most definitely the 777, great question! Welcome to the community!

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Hey @OKTwister23, and welcome to the community!

I’ve been flying the aircraft released in 2020 quite often recently, and I’ve noticed a few things with physics/3D models.

I wouldn’t say all that. Each aircraft has their own individual flaws, which is something that I’ve noticed after much flying. The only aircrafts I haven’t seen that many issues with are the 757 and 777-200LR, they have very accurate physics and sounds.


  • Does not act as heavy as it should, uses barely any runway
  • Approaches at incredibly slow speeds even when heavy (120-130kts)
  • Pitch-down drop on takeoff when engaging ALT/VS


  • Haven’t really noticed too many issues here
  • Realistic 3D model
  • Accurate physics


  • Veers to the left on takeoff with no winds
  • Seems good otherwise


  • Approaches too slowly for size (120-130kts)
  • Does not use too much runway
  • Accurate flight physics otherwise

777 Family - Total Verdict

Seems good on most ends, but most of the aircraft have their own flaws (speeds, physics, weights) that lower them from a 100/100.


  • Great physics
  • Amazing sounds
  • Good approach speeds

757 seems all good on my end, unless I’m missing something.

On another hand, if you need any help in the community or in Infinite Flight, feel free to message me with any questions you may have. I recommend you check out the following topics for tips on how to get settled in.

Happy landings!


Great post @Pingu
I have to add A320 family have decent physics.
No surprise 777-200LR is up there with 757. Very enjoyable to fly&my favourite on IF.
A330-200 model when it’s reworked and released later this year I expect to be most accurate aircraft in the IF skies!


Welcome to the community! It is definitely the 757 with the 777 fam close behind

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Thank you! Great analysis! I’ve dabbled in this sim for quite awhile but recently really started using it and getting Pro. What you said actually is some of what prompted my question - noticing some approach speeds in particular that felt too slow. Or planes that wouldn’t slow down with full flaps and spoilers deployed. Thank you so much for the reply!


This series also have some problems, like the hydraulics on the main gear not working (result in short main gears), static flaperons (even works on the 787!), hope these can be fixed in the future

The 757 cockpit isn’t too realistic tho

By phisics idk bc all I do is casual trolling lol, but by 3D model I’d say DC-10, MD-11 and 757

oh nvm the 717 is DA PLEN 🤣

The truth is not a joke, the 717 is obviously the most realistic


yea till u see the C-17 with those beautiful animations

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It is the glass cockpit variant
There is a glass cockpit 757 IRL
Though only on some planes


At least it’s more realistic then the C-17 cockpit.


Amazing question and good answers all round. I think the 757 and the 777 are the most real to life. They both sound great, fly great and look great.

Most Realistic Jets

  1. 757
  2. 777 family
  3. A350
  4. 737 Family
  5. A320 Family

My personal favorite is the A350. It flies really well, like the way it is in real life. Great job Developers. It can really move if it needs to. Low and slow, high and fast. Better than many jets. I have no problem landing it on a 7000ft runway. I only hope there will be custom engine sounds and cabin in future. No complaints, really.

The 777 is a very good aircraft in Infinite Flight too. Though some variants come with their little problems. Like
777F - the uncommanded left turn on take-off even with zero winds.
Overall it is not bad either.

And who can forget the 757? The plane with the MCP lights and the full cabin? It’s a very fun plane to fly too.

Overall, yes, Infinite Flight is the best flight simulator I have seen and flown in. The opportunities are endless.
So yes, welcome to the community and most importantly, happy flying!!


Oh… I didn’t know that!

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Ahahahah… Fair enough!

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Hot take, but I think IF’s best aircraft (besides the 757 and the TBM/Xcub/172) are the final generation of static cockpit aircraft.
The CRJ/MD11/C130 are all pretty great in terms of physics, external design, and cockpits.

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