Moscow (UUEE) to Cancun (MMUN) in the Aeroflot A350

Welcome to this screenshots and videos topic!

Hello everyone! About a month ago I did this fun flight for AFKLM as a group flight. It was lots of fun, with some nice tropical views on approach.

Flight time: 12:15
Aircraft: hmmm I wonder
Callsign: Aeroflot 233AK Heavy
Altitude: FL320
Speed: M 0.85
Server: Expert

In line at the gates

Takeoff into a gray Russian sky

Climbing over western Russia

Sunny Scandinavia??

Reaching the border of the US and Canada

Entering the pattern at MMUN with a beautiful view

Gear out!

Slowing down

Parked at the gate with a brother

Thanks for viewing this topic! If you liked the screenshots let me know your favorite. Good day!


nice screenshots. but did you enhance the saturation a bit?

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Nice pics! I wonder what aircraft you used 🤔 lol

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The saturation has stayed neutral for all the pictures, only some shadow, highlight and color changes were used. I may have gone a bit strong on the colors, but I wanted to put some more focus on the livery and the scenery

ya just a tad too strong there but solid pics

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A 777, obviously. Thanks!


I thought it was a Boeing a380. Great pics!

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Haha yeah you were a bit wrong there, it’s clearly an A777neo. Thanks!

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Nice pics !

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Lol yeah thought that’s what it was

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It’s an Airbus A350 that you were flying @Skinate.

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It’s an A350 @Skinate. Not a B777

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I was being sarcastic. I know I was flying an A350, it was a joke

I don’t see how you would be so sarcastic, but it’s all good. You know it’s an A350. Why would you be sarcastic thinking it’s a B777? 😂 LOL. I mean I wonder why bro

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