Moscow to Los Angeles // Busy LAX int'l airport

Hey everyone. Today’s flight was from Moscow to Los Angeles. Got some great views of different sceneries as flew over Greenland, Canada and above Yosemite national park and more! This flight was flown by Aeroflot and it’s delightful B77W ♥️

Flight Details

Server- Expert
Flight time- 12hrs 5mins
Route- UUEE to KLAX
Cruising altitude and speed- FL340 at mach 0.84
Aircraft- B777-300ER
Airline- Aeroflot

  1. Preparing aircraft for a long haul flight

  1. Rotate!

  1. Moonshot!

  1. Sunrise over Northern Canada

  1. Flying over Yosemite national park

  1. Descending into Los Angeles

  1. Final runway 25L

  1. Touch down as an American B752 lifts off

  1. Taxiing to parking while an Emirates B77W lifts off

  1. Engines shut down while a Qatar B77L lifts off (so many departures!)

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Hope you enjoyed :)


The detail on the mountains in number 6🤤🤤 very awesome! Happy Holidays!

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Thank you! Merry Christmas :D


Sunrise over Canada is very beautiful! Great shots!

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Thank you :)

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Beautiful photos, well done

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If I was you, i will prefer FL360 or 370

Thank you so much 😀

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I didn’t cruise at FL360 or FL380 as the aircraft was really heavy so I preferred to stay lower :)