Moscow to Almaty!


Time: 5:30

Aircraft: A330-300 Aeroflot

Server: Expert

First of we are here in Moscow with me (A330) and two other Aeroflot planes a 777-300 and an A320.

And off we go to the former Kazakh capital!

Jumping straight to cruise as we witness the sunrise over some mountains…

And we we go to final approach as we expect some foggy conditions making for an amazing approach.

And closing in on the runway hoping for a buttery smooth touchdown

And buttery smooth indeed as we taxi over to our gate…

Head to head with the A330

And we have made it safely to Kazakhstan after a nice journey!

Thanks for checking this topic out and let me know which photo you liked more ;) (I probably messed up the order but if I did I’ll just fix that.


And indeed I messed them up as always yoooo

This is how I imagine Bob Ross painting an aircraft at sunset… Great!