MOSCOW Sheremetyevo UUEE

Today I want to tell you about, perhaps, the main airport in Russia - Sheremetyevo.

It is among the top ten hub airports in Europe and the 50 busiest airports in the world.

It serves flights of the national carrier of Russia — Aeroflot — Russian Airlines, as well as members of the Skyteam alliance and some other airlines around the world. Sheremetyevo is the only airport in Russia serving regular transatlantic flights
The airport has two parallel runways: 06R/24L (RUNWAY-2) with a length of 3700 m and 06C/24C (runway-C (central)
Sheremetyevo Airport consists of the following passenger terminals:

Terminal A (business aviation);
Terminal B (domestic flights);
Terminal C (international flights);
Terminal D (domestic and international flights);
terminals E and F (international flights).
I would really like to see it in 3D format. Please support my idea, because Domodedovo Airport (Moscow UUDD) made in 3D is not the most popular airport.
also photos of the Airport below. Thanks!


Yes I would like Moscow UUEE to be 3D as well but building request are not allowed right now

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Hi there.

It looks like you are requesting for an airport to be 3D, at this time, the team will not be accepting requests.

But not to worry, eventually UUEE will be 3D as it is a goal by the IF team to have all airports around the globe to be 3D.

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Airport Editors are currently not taking requests. Editors are a group of volunteers separate from Infinite Flight working on these airports and do have the ability to pick and choose what airports they wish to work on.

If your airport has not yet made it into the app it could be in one of three stages:

  • Not yet started
  • In progress
  • Completed but not released

But rest assured, that the airport has not been forgotten about. Many factors come into play when considering an airport for release. The airport will come when it works well with the other airports that will be released with it and what Infinite Flight has planned for the future.

Thanks for the understanding!