Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport to Dubai International Airport

Here is a flight that I had done on the 19th of January in the Boeing 777-300er Aeroflot livery. This took me 4 hours and 8 minutes to complete on the expert server. Want to give a shoutout to @Nikita_D, @Noahanacooa1 and @ThiccDuc for their amazing ATC service on that day especially Nikita who sent me a Thank you on my Departure out of Sheremetyevo International. I want to also thank @Hanks_WU for joining on the journey even though he took a different route.

Flight Time: 4 hours and 8 minutes.
Crusing Altitude: 37,000ft.
Boeing 777-300er Aeroflot livery.
Expert Server.

Loading up at Terminal C, Gate 145A next to @Hanks_WU.

Morning Departure on Runway 6C at Sheremetyevo International.

You can see Racha- Lechkhum-Kvemo Savneti Planned National Park in the distance getting closer to Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Flying over Tusheti National Park at 37,000ft.

Passing by the Caspian Sea and Iran.

Iran Geography can look so good in the Afternoon hours.

Sunset Landing on runway 30L at the Busy Dubai International Airport.

@CrazyBee Departure right after my exit on runway 30L.

Love to see traffic on the expert server.

Disembarking at Concorse A Gate A02


Nice flight!)

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Iā€™m late but nice flight

You are actually early lol.