Moscow or South Korea?

Which region would be better: Moscow, or South Korea? (Moscow: Shermentyvo Dodomeldovo Vnuko)
(South Korea: Incheon Gimpo)

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I do not know how to spell the Russian airport names. I am very sorry about that.

This is kind of like “are apples better than oranges” thing. You won’t get any proper responses because people will just write what they like and have a greater affinity with. I’d love to see some Russian airports and aircraft in the app, but I don’t see that Moscow is any better than anything in South Korea, or vice versa

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I prefer South Korea.

But Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka all in one region would be better!

@a_gudimenko, I think that the fun of adding Moscow would be all the hilarious misc. messages you could add to ATC communications 😜 The FAA and EASA make safety look way too easy sometimes. I’ve always heard that operating in that part of the world is kind of like operating in the Wild West. Who knows, maybe the devs would add a feature where if you go past the region boundary, you get shot down by a SAM… JK

I made this because I think both would be cool and I just wanted to know which would be better in community members opinion.

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Dont add russia they might shoot you down like Malasia Airlines flights:(


This is tough… I would love Sheremetyevo and Incheon… Damn.

Long live the DC-9!

If they add the NRT-ITM, then we’ll finally have a realistic 777 flight.

Long live the DC-9!

Both JAL and ANA’s 772s between Tokyo and Osaka start from Haneda :wink:

Ah-I see. Thanks for clearing this up for me :).

Long live the DC-9!

I would like to see the KAL A380 landing at RWY 33L!

@Blackbird71 that was ukraine, not russia.

But russia shot it diwn so…,

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Iraq didn’t shoot it down, extremists did.

The US didn’t shoot it down, the Vincennes did.
In the case of MH17, Russia supporting separtists did.

Only this one was shot down by a country, in this case the USSR.

Personally, I would like Incheon. I am curious what realism would be added if flying to close to the 38th parallel or North Korean airspace? Automatically get shot down? Lol
ICN flights to Japan or Hong Kong would be really nice!

New Zealand 194 Heavy (Mike)

Regardless of who’s responsible, this is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.

Im saying they shouldnt put russia cause they shot the plane down

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Moscow/Russia would be a hard nut to crack. As I recall air routes and International entry point Airports are extremely limited. Therefore Flips are not readily available. Moscow/St. Pete come to mind as published not sure about the rest of this vast country. Any body flown Domestically in Mother Russia?
South Koreas is another matter. Weather wise it’s a Bit## particularly in the winter obviously. An Isthmus surrounded on three sides by some very restrictive/active sea’s coastal wind are unpredictable in some seasons.
The Soback Mountains a rugged chain bisect the country N/S and can play hell if you fly domestic routes in country. Inchon/Seoul, Oson AFB, Busan, Chinhae
and the little know Jeju are ultra modern airdromes. the SK Region could include portions of Japan, Taiwan and possibly HongCong. Korea is now a modern industrialized nation. Don’t be fooled by those Korean War Movies, although the the films “The Bridges at Toku-Ri” will give you an aviators perspective that has not changed since the 50’s. So I would select SK Over RU, Just Sayin, Max Sends

@max, been a while since I’ve flown domestically there and that was only as a passenger, but I’d say most of the issues came from poor economy and the general state of every municipal body in the 90s, that the entire system is still recovering from. Shortage of money and human resource leaks are still something to be addressed. However I’d love to be able to fly some of the older Russian birds from my hometown airport, especially if IF can incorporate a winter landscape in somehow and the tri-color glide slope indicators that are more common there (they present an extra challenge to the pilot, but consequently can test your skills more in a sim)

@blackbird; you miss my point - that discussion is simply irrelevant, as IF thankfully has nothing to do with politics, just aviation. Using logic found in your post we should not have any U.S. airports for the USS Vincennes incident, any Ukrainian airlines for their army downing one of the Tu-154 airliners,… - the list goes on.

From all the evidence I’ve seen, the MH-17 event is an accident - it seems the Rebels were indeed responsible from the currently available evidence, however I’ve seen nothing to suggest it was more than a tragic case of mistaken identity by unqualified personnel in a hostile environment. No person in their right mind would point a rocket at a passenger airliner with intent.

But as I said before, - this is irrelevant when discussing simulator features, because politics are outside of IF’s scope (and will hopefully remain so) and because just about every country has been responsible for something distasteful to the eyes of others over the course of human history. What are we to do, ban everything?

Let’s leave politics at the door from here on and focus on aviation. I have nothing more to say on the matter

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