Moscow - Los Angeles trip report!

Tonight, i completed Flight from Moscow (SVO/UUEE) - Los Angeles (LAX/KLAX). KLAX is american airport based in Los Angeles state California, for AFL tourists it’s super RARE flight.
Arrival is Los Angeles!

Aircraft: Airbus A330
Livery: Aeroflot
Departure: UUEE
Arrival: KLAX
Flight time: 12 hours
Server: Training

Parked at Terminal F with Luis_Fer (grade 2)

Boeing 77W en-route to LHR

Pushback and start-up

Positive climb, Gear UP!

I’m such a fan of Moonshots :)

Arriving to LAX!!!

I don’t know how you rate my landing…

Another angle of butter land

Parked at Tom Bradley intl.

Please watch my land and rate it!!


Those shots are awesome, nice work!

What about landing?

Maybe a tad late on the touchdown, but pretty good. Better than mine… 😅

I can confirm that those landings are way better than TRDubh’s. Nice pictures!


Thanks! Appreciate it!
i’m training my lands everyday… i think it’s the best one!

I’m a hit or miss. I’ll get consistent one day lol

lol haha, that’s cool!