Moscow Domodeovo to Seattle-Tacoma

Hello everyone, here is a flight that took us over the Arctic Region. Did this in the Boeing 777-300er and got some amazing shots during the flight. Hope you like them

Parked at International Gate 16

Departure Runway 32L

Sunrise over Northern Russia

Entering the Northern part of Greenland

Leaving Greenland and approaching Canada

Sunset over Northern Canada

Approaching Cypress, Grouse and Seymour Mountains

Landing at Seattle-Tacoma on Runway 34L

Overview shot at the South Terminal, Gate S11

Flight time: 10 hours and 46 minutes Cruising Altitude: 38,000ft
Boeing 777-300er
Aeroflot Livery
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Nice photos! Was this ever a real flight? I know it’s not now

Honolulu to London Heathrow is a good route

It used to be but it has currently been terminated.

Aeroflot doesn’t operate out of Domodedovo. I believe its Sheremetyevo.

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For real, I never know that. I know they used to do flights to Seattle before but I thought that Moscow would be their main hub.

Sheremetyevo is Aeroflots hub. Moscow Sheremetyevo is the name.

Thanks for the feedback, but usually I would choose a random route just for fun. Or if it has some good scenery I I would fly it.

Yeah!I think so,how beautiful there.

I do miss seeing “SVO” come into LAX, such a cool IATA code.

Nice pictures… what made you think of flying this route?

Honestly, I am not sure. It was route that I have never tried and it seems interesting so I went for it.

Lovely pictures! Aeroflot’s 777 is really nice.

Yes it used to be an actual flight untill the first day of the Russian military mobilazation on Ukraine

Beautiful flight. Besides domestic flights Aeroflot flys to countries in which is in support of Russia since the Ukraine invasions

Actually, there was not a such flight probably:

  1. Aeroflot don’t use DME
  2. I don’t think Aeroflot has ever flown to Seattle, there were flight to LAX, SFO, IAD, MIA, and JFK, and to few airports in Canada somewhere in 2000s, but I haven’t heard of flights to Seattle

If you touch on politics, then Aeroflot flies not only to these countries, for example, Aeroflot has flights to Turkey, which does not support the conflict

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