Moscow Domodedovo Intl to Tokyo Intl

Hello IFC, here is my flight from Moscow to Tokyo delivering some goods to Japan. Got to see an amazing scenery during my cruise over Eastern Russia. It was so beautiful that I took two photos showing the left and right side. I would recommend that you fly this route because that scenery is breathtaking.

Loading up the goods at Stand G14 at Moscow Domodedovo.

Taxing to runway 32L with the help of the taxi lights.

Night Departure at runway 32L.

Sunrise over Russia.

Here is the first photo of that astonsihing scenery. The first photo is a screenshot of Lake Baikal surrounded by Mountain ranges.

The second photo shows the Mountain ranges at the Barguzin Nature Resort.

Desending between Mount Akagi, Tanigawa and Naeba on approach to runway 16R.

On final to runway 16R at Tokyo Intl.

Afternoon landing at Tokyo Intl.

Parked at West Cargo 38 unloading the goods from the Aircaft.

Flight Time: 8 hours and 42 minutes.
Boeing 747-8 in the Air Bridge Cargo.
Cruising Altitude: 35,000ft.
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I love the 6th one! Very nice.

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Outstanding shots! Russia has some great scenery!

I know right. I was never expect that Russia had som hidden gems. I will be flying over Russia again, but I am not sure when.

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Nice photos! Except that this route is unrealistic 😂😅