Morpheus’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KONT

Hi guys, I’m going thru the IFATC training right now but I would like to have some practice outside of training. I would appreciate it if you guys wanna stop by. Please don’t for get to leave any feedbacks. Airport: KONT. Server: Training. Runways: 26R,26L. Frequencies: Ground and Tower. I would like to work on Pattern work/sequencing, runway changes, transitions etc…etc…


V2-WFG feedback

  • Transition altitude was 4,000 feet, which was a little high for KONT elevation, which is 944 feet. The formula is 2500ft + airport elevation, then round it up to the nearest 500. The best transition altitude should have been 3,500ft.

  • Although you tried to correct your commands after you noticed you made it incorrectly, I noticed inconsistency when clearing me for the option. remember, you can clear me at any after I take off, and I am remaining in the pattern. don’t necessarily wait till the aircraft reaches the final leg.

  • For runway change, you gave me an incorrect pattern entry, For example, when I was in the right downwind leg, you told me to enter the right base leg to the changed runway. When an aircraft requests a runway change and the aircraft is on the left downwind leg, you should give the same pattern leg for the changed runway. In this example, the left downwind leg for the changed runway(26R).

  • Exit runway command was a bit late.

  • The (Go around)'s were good!

  • Sequences were good, for two aircraft in the traffic pattern!

Hope this helps! Please tag me for future sessions, I’ll be happy to help you practice!

Thanks for stopping by, appreciate the feedback brother, I’ll definitely keep all of that in mind.

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Hey Morpheus, thanks for the service at KONT, here’s a little feedback.

The only things I can add is 1 missing exit command followed by a taxi to parking although I requested taxi to rwy26L. And sometimes a missing direction after rwy change.

For the rest very good!👍

See you in one of your next sessions,
Stef (oo-lxv)

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Thanks for stopping by, sorry I was a bit distracted and I forgot you were landing lol


Such a good name, you’re outside of the matrix.
Wish you the best! ;)

Thank you! Definitely took the red pill lol

@FN60fps @Stef_Smet @Scotty

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