Morocco Madness! | Türkiye Virtual presents: Casablanca Fly-In | 14 January 2024


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Airport: Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (GMMN)

January 14, 2024

After our successful first event at Istanbul International Airport, we decided to expand our reach and dive into one of the various destinations we fly to and it happens to be Morocco! We’d like to invite you to visit Morocco’s finest, Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (GMMN) for a Fly-in

On the day of the event, our pilots will be departing LTFM in the Turkish A330/A350, for a 4-5hr hop crossing over Greece, Italy and Spain to finally arrive into the magical lands of Morocco! We’d like to share the joy of what it’s truly like to fly as a community, whether you’re apart of TKVA or not!

So why not stop on by and enjoy what Morocco really has to offer!

Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport, a majestic meeting point of tradition and modernity, is an essential gateway to the Kingdom of Morocco. It is the countries largest and busiest airport, named after one of the most emblematic figures in Moroccan history: Mohammed V, King of Morocco.

The airport beautifully embodies progress, with its lively atmosphere and strategic place among Africa’s bustling hubs, being the fourth busiest airport on the African continent. Every year, the number of passengers continues to grow, testifying to its growing importance on the international scene. Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport isn’t just a building; it’s the vibrant hub of the national airline, Royal Air Maroc, where every connection comes to life!

Useful info about GMMN

The airport has;

  • Three passenger terminals (However, only two of the three existing terminals are currently in use)

Terminal 1 is the first active terminal at the airport. It facilitates a mix of international and domestic flights

Terminal 2 is the second active terminal at the airport and facilitates international flights exclusively. The terminal is mainly used for flights operated by Royal Air Maroc.

  • Two cargo terminals
  • 2 runways that are currently in operation;



For Airport Charts & Information about Casablanca Mohammed V Intl. Departure and Arrival Procedures, Please visit the GMMN CHARTS

Useful Info about LTFM

Istanbul Intl airport is the largest airport in Türkiye and it offers numerous routes, over 315+ in fact, in an astonishing 125+ countries around the world! So you won’t have an issue asking yourself whether we operate in your country of choice!

Click here to see all the routes that we operate!

The airport currently has a single passenger terminal, the largest in the world, which hosts both international and domestic flights. There currently are five runways that are currently in operation;

Runway Info

18/36 (Departures/Arrivals)

17L/35R (Arrivals)

17R/35L (Departures)

16L/34R (Backup - Not in use)

16R/34L (Arrivals)

The two 17/35 runways are both 4,100 metres (13,500 feet) long,

While the 16/34 runways are both 3,750 metres (12,300 feet) long.

Runway 18/36 is 3,060 metres (10,040 feet) long. (Shorter than the other runways Runways)

17L/35R and 16R/34L are 60 metres (200 feet) wide,

While 17R/35L, 16L/34R and 18/36 are 45 metres (148 feet) wide.

The terminal also features a total of five concourses: A, B, D, F, and G (with G being for domestic routes). The C and E concourses connect directly to the main terminal and are therefore not independent concourses.

For Airport Charts & Information about Istanbul Intl Airport Departure and Arrival Procedures, Please visit the Türkiye Virtual Official Guide

Türkiye Virtual Pilots have compiled a bunch of routes they have personally flown and found the most enjoyment in! Many are even personal favourites of ours and we’d like to share them with you so you may experience the vast, wonderful lands that you may not be familiar with! Being the airline that broke all the records! You can count on us to provide you some amazing routes and you’ll surely not be disappointed! Here are the routes that we personally recommend!

Short Haul
Dep. ICAO Arrival ICAO Flight Time Aircraft Airline
LEMG GMMN 1h 10m B738 Royal Air Maroc
LFPG GMMN 2h 30m A320 Air France
LIRF GMMN 2h 50m B738 Royal Air Maroc
EDDF GMMN 3h 20m A320 Lufthansa
Medium Haul
Dep. ICAO Arrival ICAO Flight Time Aircraft Airline
LTFM GMMN 4h 30m A330 Turkish Airlines
OEJN GMMN 6h45 B789 Saudia
KIAD GMMN 6h45 B788 Royal Air Maroc
CYUL GMMN 6h 50m A330 Air Canada
Long Haul
Dep. ICAO Arrival ICAO Flight Time Aircraft Airline
OBBI GMMN 7h 35m B789 Gulf Air
KMIA GMMN 8h 15m B788 Royal Air Maroc
OMAA GMMN 8h 15m B78X Etihad
OMDB GMMN 8h 30m A380 Emirates

ATC is needed throughout the day but members of TKVA will be there to assist.

Thank you in advance for your service!

Frequency User
ATIS @Moose0308
Ground @Moose0308
Tower @Moose0308
Approach @FlightG
Departure N/A
Center N/A

Arrivals (Inbounds)

Time Virtual Airline Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Aircraft Airline
1630z @TAROMVirtual OEJN GMMN B789 Saudia
1630z @AF-KLM_VA EHAM GMMN B738 Transavia
1630z @KoreanAirVirtual LFPG GMMN A320 Air France
1700z @TurkiyeVirtual LTFM GMMN A330/A350 Turkish Airlines
1700z @TAPVirtual LPPT GMMN A320/E190 TAP/TAP Express
1700z @PegasusVirtual LTFJ GMMN A321/B738 Pegasus Airlines
1700z @QatariVirtual EBBR GMMN B738 Royal Air Maroc
1700z @LuftyVirtual EDDF GMMN A319/A320 Lufthansa
1700z @VistaJetVA LPCS GMMN Challenger 350 VistaJet
1700z @TUIVirtualGroup EBCI GMMN B738/E190 TUI Fly Belgium

  • Turkiye Virtual are not responsible for any violations issued during the event.

  • This event will be on the expert server so we ask for your full cooperation with IFATC.

  • If ATC is not present at anytime, please use the traffic UNICOM frequency professionally.

  • Most importantly, Widen your World!

We welcome you all to not just a Virtual Airline, but a welcoming community of aviators that love Türkiye Airlines. With great destinations, regular events and an overall pleasant community of pilots, We can’t wait to Widen Your World!

Visit the Türkiye Virtual Official Website to learn more about us!

Interested in applying? Great! Before you apply, please read the application requirements.


Grade 3 or above

At least 13 years old

Have an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

Good standard on the IFC Forum

IFC Account must be at least 30 days old

Must be able to log a flight at least once every month

Use Discord professionally while being active


Thank you and we hope to see you in Morocco! 🇲🇦

Güle güle,


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The TKVA Family.


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Sounds nice I will come

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Can’t wait! GMMN is so underrated! 🇲🇦


Great event description! See you there THY!

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We’ll see you all there!


With only 3 Weeks until the fly-in, we start our daily fun facts about Morocco!

Morocco borders both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea!

Morocco is known for its breathtaking beaches along scenic sandy shores.
The country has two stunning coastlines, one on the Atlantic Ocean side and the other on the Mediterranean sea.
The only other countries that can also say they have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines are Spain and France.

Atlantic Ocean (left)

Mediterranean Sea (right)


Morocco’s Blue City!

Chefchaouen is known as the Blue Pearl of Morocco because the entire medina and a large portion of the mountain village is painted pale blue.


That is really cool indeed, want to visit Morocco this 2024, wondering if there are any Moroccan community member who wants to meet


Looking forward to this one!!


Morocco’s Red City!

Just as Chefchaouen is known as the “blue city”, the city of Marrakesh is called the “red city”. But unlike Chefchaouen, the walls in Marrakesh aren’t purposely painted red.

Instead, the reddish hue comes from the clay and red sandstone used to construct many of the old buildings in Marrakesh!


Less than 3 weeks to go! Super excited!

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The flag of Morocco 🇲🇦

The Moroccan flag is one of the easiest flags to recognise. It is a simple red flag with a green pentagram in the centre. The 5-pointed star represents the seal of Solomon, and the five branches represent the pillars of Islam.

The red background symbolises bravery and strength, while green is the colour of Islam and is supposed to symbolise peace and hope.


Very cool event TKVA, definitely on my event list☺️


Moroccan Snake Charmers!

Yes you read that correctly! Snake charmers are real in Morocco!

These reptile handlers work for tips and are often set up in populated areas like the main squares of cities.


Love this!!



Couscous is considered the national dish of Morocco, but many Moroccans only eat this dish on Friday, which is the Islamic holy day.

Couscous is a dried and cracked pasta made from semolina, like tiny pasta, meaning it cooks at lightning speed. It has a nutty, sweet flavour that pairs perfectly with stews, braises, and grilled or roasted veggies.


I love you with all my liver?!

In Morocco, the heart is not considered the symbol of love. Traditionally, in Morocco, the liver is the organ from which desire and love come.


Moroccans Don’t Live In Typical HousesI

In Morocco, most people live in a traditional home called a Riad.

Usually, they are designed to look ordinary from the outside. Inside, they are decked out in opulent decor and are two stories tall with an open yard in the middle.


Just under 2 weeks to go!


The High Atlas Mountains are heavenly

Mother nature didn’t hold back when she made Morocco. Just look at the High Atlas Mountains – extending almost 1000 kilometres across Morocco and reaching 13672 feet in height.

This colossal presence invites travellers to climb up and explore their villages, plus steep valleys, snow-capped peaks, wandering wildlife and glowing mountains lakes like Lac Ifni