Moroccan airport

Hi, I love fly to morocco in infinite flight, this a hub for many african airline and particulary Royal Air Maroc, there are a lot of beautiful landscape to see, Morocco is a country that have a lot of many beautiful airport, but sadely in IF only Tanger (GMTT), Casablanca (GMMN), Marrakesh (GMMX), and Dakhla ((GMMH)Western Sahara) are planified with a good quality, I would love see some international airport be ameliorated like Oujda (GMFO) that have 2 runways but in the game we can see only the old runway, Fèz (GMFF), Layounne (Western sahara) Nador (GMMW) . Many airlines lands at these airport (Ryanair, Airarabia, Tuifly, Vueling, Air nostrum, Transavia, Eurowings, Royal air Maroc…) Some pics of these airport: 11866781


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