Morningstar Air Express 757-200

FedEx Feeder is the “regional” carrier brand for FedEx Express. Much like any passenger regional airlines, such as American Eagle and Delta Connection, small cargo airlines fly routes using ATR 72/42 and Cessna 208 aircraft painted in the FedEx Feeder logo. The one exception to this rule is Morningstar Air Express. FedEx had contracted them to operate 6 of their 757 freighters, which replaced the 727 they used to operate for FedEx. Morningstar then uses these aircraft to cover the FedEx routes in its home country of Canada.

The way to tell the difference between the FedEx and Morningstar planes would be the flag and registration numbers. FedEx will have the American flag and a “N” followed by 4 or 5 numbers and letters. The Morningstar will have a Canadian flag and a “C-” followed by a few letters.

Before you go flagging this as a duplicate, it is not. The aircraft are operated by 2 different airlines and do have a difference between them.

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