Morning Traffic @KLGB

Hello everyone!

This morning, I woke up early and couldn’t fall back to sleep. So like any normal person, I decided to head to Long Beach to catch the morning traffic. The traffic this morning definitely did not disappoint!

Enjoy the photos

Main Terminal filled up from the arrivals the night before

Southwest 737-800 to Denver and Southwest 737-MAX8 to Chicago Midway

Delta E175 to Salt Lake City

Southwest 737-MAX8 from Oakland

Hawaiian A321 to Honolulu

Southwest 737-800 from Sacramento

Thanks for viewing


Great shots as always

Thank you

Improving 💪🏻 (try not to shoot backlit tho)



Yeah I knew that would have costed me, but it was the only spot I knew of, afterwards I went around to the other side and found a better spot :/


Ah yes “normal people”


Indeed, who needs sleep

Certainly not me

Certainly not me either

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I live Long Beach airport, it’s very nice and clean, I was there in April of last year taking a cruise to Mexico.


Yes LGB is definitely a fantastic airport to fly out of and spot at

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You’re getting much better already! Can’t wait to see the other stuff you do 👌

South Florida needs an airport like LGB

Thank you!

Maybe you can convert KTMB into a regional airport


Don’t got the funds for that but we can always convince Trump to get the people who operate PBI to convert it into an outdoor ish airport

Yeah, but then again there are already three large airports in the southeastern Florida area

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3 is enough I mean the LA area is bigger but would still be cool to have one

@Butter575 Your spoiled with all your SoCal airports lol

Yeah, but LAX and LGB are the only two airports within a reasonable amount of driving time. SNA and BUR are about an hour drive or longer depending on traffic

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Weird fact about me:

I’ve flown into or out of every airport near Los Angeles except for LAX or LGB 😂

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